People are always looking for more efficient ways to do things. It’s understandable! After all, who wouldn’t love to learn new ways to save some time in their busy day?

Luckily, there are plenty of great tips on how to achieve quick and successful results for everyday situations out there. Believe it or not, these can really change your life for the better.

So, without further ado, here are 19 amazing life hacks that are sure to save you time, money, and frustration…

1. Use a straw for butter dispersal on movie theater popcorn. Most movie theaters nowadays allow you to add your own butter to your popcorn. That’s great news, except it can be hard to coat the popcorn evenly. Not to fear! Using a straw, you can easily siphon that tasty goodness onto every layer of the popcorn.

2. Place food in a circle before you microwave it so it heats evenly. Anyone who owns a microwave has probably faced this dilemma: you warm up your food only to find that half of it is still cold. Luckily, placing your meal in circle prevents uneven heating temperatures!

3. Avoid pulling the entire tin foil roll out of its box by pressing in the ends. Once you accidentally yank the entire roll out, it’s nearly impossible to put it back in without crinkling most of it. The perforated holes in the sides prevent this issue from ever occurring again.

4. The tags on your fitted sheets will always show you where the shorter end is. Making your bed isn’t difficult, but it can be a hassle. Instead of trying to eyeball which side is the top, know that the tag will always be located on the bottom end.

5. Secure your straw using the pop-tops of tin cans. For those who drink out of cans with a straw, trying to secure it in place always seems to be a challenge! Instead of breaking off the pop-top and throwing it away, flip it over the opening and simply slide your straw through it.

6. Get more juice with less effort. A citrus juicer is a great invention, but sometimes you need to use all of your strength just to squeeze out a small amount of liquid. If you cut off the ends of your lemons or limes before you start, almost all of the juice can be squeezed out with half the effort.

7. Unload all of your soda into your fridge quickly. Soda is usually sold in long rectangular boxes. The issue is, removing the cans one at a time can be time-consuming. However, if you open both ends of the box, you can push all of the beverages out onto the refrigerator shelf in one graceful move.

8. Keep your home warm during cold months by flicking the switches on your fans. During winter, you want your ceiling fans to spin clockwise. That way the rising heat gets circulated back to the floor. In the summertime, a counter-clockwise direction gives you a cool breeze. This can all be done using the tiny switch on the fan’s base.

9. Keep Ziploc bags open using the zipper. Ziploc bags are great for on-the-go snacks. Sometimes, though, in can be frustrating to have the bag close on you every time you pull out your hand. Folding the zipper end outwards and over the sides will keep the bag open until you’re done eating.

10. Use the “California Roll trick” to put on duvet covers. Putting duvet covers on undoubtedly leads to all sorts of frustration. There’s a neat trick that can help, though. It’s difficult to explain, but the video below gives a great tutorial. This will change your life!

11. Cut your makeup bottles open before you throw them away. A container might feel like it’s empty, but chances are you’ll find enough product left for at least a few more uses if you cut it open. This saves you both time and money. Also, you won’t feel guilty about wasting anything!

12. Use a “floss circle” to clean your teeth. We all know how important flossing is for our teeth. However, the thread is so thin that wrapping it around our fingers can hurt. Tying the floss into a circle before use alleviates this issue.

13. Use a plunger that’s appropriate for the task at hand. Though many people own flat-head plungers, a flange plunger (like the one on the bottom-left side of the picture below) is the one that’s actually meant for toilets. Flat-headed plungers are actually meant for bathtubs and large sinks.

14. Adjust your side-view mirrors to have a better view of your blind spot. Car accidents are scary, and one of the biggest causes is blind spots. That’s why angling your mirrors correctly is important. Having your mirror set just beyond the back of your car will give you a better view of anyone sneaking by.

15. Use old tissue boxes to store plastic bags: Hanging on to extra plastic bags accumulated from the grocery store is handy and a great way to recycle. Instead of having them take up space in a cabinet or drawer, though, stuff them into old tissue boxes to keep them organized.

16. Never lose socks in the laundry again. It seems like every time you put a load in the wash, a sock is sacrificed to the laundry gods. However, if you use a mesh lingerie bag to wash them, you’ll never lose one again!

17. Dispose of cereal crumbs quickly. The last bowl of cereal you pour out of a box always has crumbs. Usually, this means a disappointing breakfast experience. But if you dump the remaining amount into a colander, the crumbs will separate. That leaves nothing but whole pieces of cereal!

18. Dice an onion effectively. Even if you’re not a chef, this technique makes prepping an onion super simple. After cutting the onion in half, make vertical slices towards the root end. Then, turn the knife and make horizontal cuts. This will dice the onion into small even pieces.

19. Separate garlic cloves easily. Often, it takes an annoying amount of dexterity to peel garlic cloves. With this trick, however, the struggles will end! Simply place the cloves into a small container, cover the lid, and then shake vigorously. Amazingly, most of the cloves will peel themselves.

These hacks are sure to make your life easier! Who would have thought to do that thing with the soda boxes? Genius!

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