Freak accidents happen, and learning how to save your own life in the rare case that they do is very important. At that moment, there may not be anyone else around to help you, and you’d need to take it upon yourself to remain calm and act accordingly. Choking is one of these dire situations—but how do you save your own life when you can’t even breathe?

It’s a scary scenario: you’re alone when, all of a sudden, food becomes lodged in your throat and you begin to choke. The Heimlich maneuver won’t save you—there is no one there to perform it. The terrible situation could prove deadly.

That’s exactly why this video is so important. In it, Colorado paramedic Jeff Rehman shows a simple technique anyone can use to rescue themselves from choking—and save their own life.

It’s important that everyone learns the basic instructions for saving their own life in the rare case that an emergency happens and no one is around to offer help. There can never be too much preparation for an accident…


You may not think it could happen to you, but freak occurrences happen every day to all sorts of people, and you need to be ready to handle them if they arise. It doesn’t hurt to be prepared for any possible emergency scenario.

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Choking is certainly the kind of situation where you may be alone when it happens. We all eat too quickly sometimes, and if our food intake overwhelms our airway, the supply of oxygen is cut off to the brain and our well-being could be in serious jeopardy.

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Luckily, Colorado paramedic and firefighter Jeff Rehman came up with a life-saving solo technique that we could all potentially benefit from. So, be sure to take everything that he has to say about the potential hazard into account.

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Jeff knows all about the hazards of choking on food. He’s seen his fair share of victims over the years, and he wanted to come up with a useful technique so that even if someone is alone when it happens, they’re not helpless.

Trust that having an actual paramedic’s technique to help you when you’re choking is definitely something you want to have in your back pocket. People like Jeff study these procedures in-depth and their knowledge is invaluable to everyone.


Jeff says the first thing that you must do when you’re choking on food—no matter how big or small—is to get on your hands and knees into a push-up position. This allows you the optimal movement required to get the food out of your throat.


Next, you’re going to want to bring both of your hands up into the air in front of you. Even though your lungs aren’t able to take in air just yet, stretching your arms out in front of you allows for maximum oxygen flow into your body.


What’s the final step of this life-saving demonstration? Watch the entire video below to see Jeff carefully demonstrate how to clear your airway if something is obstructing it. Thanks to him, we can feel confident that, even if we’re choking alone, we have the ability to save ourselves.

Now everyone can rest a little easier knowing that they have Jeff’s amazingly easy life-saving technique at their fingertips. But, as always, try to be as safe as possible and chew your food completely when eating, so you won’t have to use it in the future!


This trick is really valuable and it’s not complicated at all once you get it down. We should all take a moment to learn this potentially life-saving technique.

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