Residents in the northern parts of the globe, particularly between September and March, are lucky enough to catch frequent and brilliant displays of light. These are known as the aurora borealis, or more commonly, the Northern Lights.

What Canadian Timmy Joe Elzinga spotted in the sky outside his home in Northern Ontario, however, was far more alien than that. Stepping out into the brisk winter night, he noticed beams of light, like gleaming lasers, all across the horizon. What he was witnessing was something far more rare than the Northern Lights.

When Timmy Joe Elzinga stepped outside his home in snowy Ontario one night, he wasn’t expecting to witness anything unusual.


But when he looked into the distance, he was completely stunned by what he saw.


They’re called “light pillars” and they’re a phenomenon that will blow you away.

Those are so wild! Move over Northern Lights, there’s a new game in town.

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