People often talk about the chances of being struck by lightning as a distant, merely rhetorical improbability. But the truth is that your chances of being hit may not be so low if you’re outside during a storm.

That’s something this man and his girlfriend almost found out the hard way. During an ill-advised attempt to go surfing during a thunderstorm, something happened that left the couple understandably terrified.

But what happened after that is hilarious! If you’re having a rough day, just wait until you hear what this cameraman had to say!

This cameraman and his girlfriend were heading towards the beach in Sydney, Australia. It was a cloudy day, to be sure, but something like that wasn’t going to stop this young couple from trying to have a great time!


It did seem, though, that something strange was brewing in the air at Tamarama Beach near Bondi. Indeed, the man behind the lens seemed to be getting nervous. “Slow down, baby!” he shouted to his girlfriend.


You’re not going to want to miss seeing the crazy thing that happened to this enthusiastic young couple. Watch until the end to see something frightening… and hear something that’s bound to make you laugh hysterically!

That man was absolutely terrified! You may not have been able to hear as much of a reaction from his girlfriend, but she must have been pretty frightened too. They were able to upload the video, though, so they must have made it out alright!


It’s great that this couple is safe, but have you ever heard such a strange reaction to a near-death experience? Hopefully this will teach them to stay inside next time!

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