When a 12-year-old local girl was a abducted near Addis Ababa in Ethiopia, everyone feared the worst.  They looked for her for a week, but found nothing. Her family began to think that they might never see her again.

Then came an incredible break in the case.

The girl was found on the outskirts of Bita Genet. But it’s who they found guarding her that was the most surprising.

Child abductions are an all-too-common occurrence in Ethiopia, where young girls are taken against their will and forced into marriages with older men. It is a constant fear.


This fear was realized by one family when their 12-year-old daughter was abducted by a group of men outside Addis Ababa in Ethiopia.


They beat her and tried to force her to marry one of their group, but she was rescued by the most unlikely saviors: A group of lions saw her being attacked by her captors and came to her rescue, chasing off her captors.


The girl told the police that the lions kept watch over her for a day and a half to make sure the men didn’t return.


“They stood guard until we found her and then they just left her like a gift and went back into the forest,” said Sgt. Wondimu Wedajo Wondimu in an interview with NBC.


Sgt. Wondimu even went so far as to call to call it a miracle. “Normally the lions would attack people,” he said.


Some might think of lions as remorseless hunting machines, but this proves that they can be just as compassionate as people.

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