The Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder have been cherished by young girls for generations. They also inspired a TV show that took the country by storm in the 1970s. Over time it has become just as much a classic as the books.

But while they played a happy family on TV, things weren’t always so rosy behind the scenes. Even the most beloved TV shows have their secrets, and Little House On The Prairie is no different!

1. Actress Melissa Gilbert who played Laura Ingalls was too shy to kiss her love interest. They settled for a peck on the cheek. 


2. Actor Michael Landon’s hair was actually naturally grey. His iconic dark locks on set were a wig!


3. When the Ingalls family was chowing down the food they were really eating was Dinty Moore beef stew or KFC.


4. See that blond in the middle? That’s actually Sean Penn in his acting debut. 


5. The series finale concluded with the town of Walnut Grove exploding. They actually destroyed the set with dynamite to get the shot.


6. When she began to hit puberty, actress Melissa Gilbert was forced to bind her chest in order to hide her curves.


7. Nellie Olson’s curly blond hair? Another wig!


8. Walnut Grove is a real town. You can visit there today.


9. Melissa Gilbert and Mellisa Anderson, who played sisters on the show, were enemies. They have never reconciled.


10. Melissa’s real-life brother Jonathan played Willie on the show.


It’s not a surprise that things weren’t perfect on set, but as they say, the show must go on.

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