When I go to the gym, it’s not unusual for me to get a call from my wife asking me to grab something at the store before I head home. Likewise, I’ve overheard other people having similar conversations every single day.

But when the phone rang at one particular gym, something entirely different happened. And it left everyone stunned!

A phone started ringing in the men’s locker room and went on for a while. Eventually, a man fresh out of the shower with a towel around his waist answers.

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Everyone else started listening out of curiosity. “Hello?” the man asked.


A woman’s voice came over the speaker. “Hey babe, it’s me. Are you at the gym?” “Yep!” He exclaimed.


She went on. “I’m doing some shopping and I found this beautiful leather coat for $1,500 — such a steal! Can I get it?” “If you like it then go ahead!” he replied.

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“Also, I went by the car dealership to look at that Mercedes we’ve been talking about,” she continued. “Should we get it?” “How much is it?” he inquired. “$90,000,” was her response. “Go ahead, but make sure it has all of the extras.” Everyone in the room couldn’t help but stare.

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She was now over the moon with excitement. “I also went to the realtor’s. Remember that beach house that got snatched away from us last year? It’s on sale again…for $1.2 million.” “Well, go in with $1 million, but if they won’t budge you can go to 1.2.” he responded jovially. “I love you, honey!” she squealed.

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“I love you, too,” he replied as he ended the call. By now, the whole locker room was looking at him, mouths wide. Then the man turned around and held the phone in the air. “Anyone know whose phone this is?”



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Okay, that one got me. One thing is for sure, some rich guy sure would be in for a rude awakening when he got home!

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