When you’re going camping, it’s best to travel light. With too much heavy equipment weighing you down, you’ll tire yourself out in just a short amount of time.

Usually one of the first items that gets left behind when you’re choosing what to pack is the camp stove. While it would be nice to have some hot meals on the trail, it’s just not practical or worth the hassle.

Fortunately, this guy has a very cool method for turning a part of the forest itself into your very own natural oven. It’s called a “Swedish fire torch,” and all it takes is a log, an axe, and some matches!

Everyone who has ever gone camping knows the struggle of preparing a hot meal. It can be difficult to be sure that you’ve thoroughly cooked everything. That’s why you should make your very own natural camp stove. All you’re going to need is a log, matches, and an axe! 

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For the first step, begin by cutting down a log to any size you may wish. Next, you’re going to carve a vertical slit across the top of the log. It’s unlikely you’ll have a chainsaw on the trail, so remember that you can achieve the same result with a small hatchet.


For the next step in building your own outdoor camping stove, you’re going to want to turn the log around and carve another vertical line across the top to form four perfect corner slices. This will be crucial for the next step.


Now, you need some tinder. The most effective item to use for this is dried leaves, twigs, and even pinecones to get a great fire going. Then, you will place these on the cross you’ve carved into the log and light them. It should start smoking.


Before you know it, your twigs are going to become a small fire. To make sure that fire stays stoked as long as you need it, you’ll want to place a number of other sticks and pinecones around it. This will give it the necessary fuel to stay lit.

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You will notice that the fire is going to begin to make its way down into the ridges that you chopped into the log. This will ensure that the flame stays low enough not to burn the food directly and will allow you to place a pan on top.

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Now that you’ve taken all of the necessary steps to create your own outdoor stove, you can enjoy your creation. Grab a pan and cook anything that your heart desires. This is going to be a hit with everyone on your next camping trip!

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Look at the way the flame sits so nicely in the wood and allows the food to cook thoroughly. This is such a helpful DIY trick, and it will change the way you camp forever. The demonstration below shows just how easy it is to build…

What an awesome idea! Now you can cook pretty much whatever you want, wherever you want. Dinner, anyone?!

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