As advanced as the technology in the modern world may be, it has yet to solve each and every one of our daily frustrations. Sure, we have iPhones and wireless charging and all sorts of other fancy stuff, but that doesn’t mean we still couldn’t make tech even better.

The thing is, plenty of people have made improvements to everyday technology that could change our lives for the better—we just might not know about them yet. When you see all of these genius ideas that are already out there in the world, you’ll wonder why they’re not being used everywhere!

1. In Ukraine, they use traffic lights that don’t just tell you whether it’s time to “go,” “slow down” or “stop.” Instead, the entire structure lights up beautifully! It’s an effective way to make sure everyone can see the color of the light.

kfinny99 / Reddit

2. This water fountain was designed so that both humans and their dogs can easily drink from it! It’s something so simple, but it could really make a huge difference for your thirsty pup—while not wasting water.

rubenmleon / Reddit

3. This “accessibility mat” was placed on a beach to make it easier for people with strollers and wheelchairs to get closer to the water. Talk about a lifesaver! Why don’t these exist on every beach?

canadianvintage / Reddit

4. This toothpaste container provides an itemized list of ingredients with brief, yet clear, descriptions of what their actual function is. It’s honest, and makes it a bit less scary to see some of the unusual things that go into your dental hygiene!

TheLonelyCaricature / Reddit

5. The call button for this elevator is about 30 feet away from the doors. That may sound unusual, but when you think about how long it can take for the lift to arrive, this means by the time you’ve made it to the doors, it might already be there!

lukeallen1 / Reddit

 6. This hotel room curtain is designed in such a way that it eliminates that maddening sliver of light that often sneaks in through the middle of both sheets. Simply having both curtains overlap with each other makes all the difference!

reddit / taharoho

7. This fence bends and contorts so that sections of it can work like a bench! Be careful, though: these “benches” sit over the water, so if you’re keeping important personal belongings like your phone or wallet in your pockets, you could easily lose them!

LLCenter / Reddit

8. This restaurant has installed a “toepener” that allows people to use their feet to open the door. It helps people avoid germs on doorknobs, and it’s vital for serving staff, who often have their hands full.

happysunbear / Reddit

9. This parking lot has yellow lines extending from the ground to the walls, making it easier for people to park their cars in tight spaces. If you’ve ever been in a crowded parking lot, especially an indoor one, you should know how helpful this is!

Cindypi13 / Reddit

10. How are you supposed to know how much space you’ve used up on your flash drive without the hassle of plugging it into your computer? This device allows you to do that in a single glance!

thefifthgiant / Reddit

11. This laundromat allows people work out while they wait for their clothes to wash and dry! If you’ve ever been in a laundromat, you know how annoying it can be to keep yourself occupied, so why not make the most of it in a healthy way?

IGiveSmallTips / Reddit

12. This spatula has a small makeshift stand attached to it so that when you have to put it down for a moment in the middle of cooking, it doesn’t touch the counter! How nifty is that?

Alentheflannel / Reddit

13. This city designated a public place, conveniently located right in front of the local police station, just for people to safely conduct in-person exchanges that were arranged online. Otherwise, it can be a risky—even dangerous—endeavor if you’re not careful!

durnJurnta / Reddit

14. That snowy-looking stretch on the counter at this bar is called a “frost strip,” and you can probably guess what it does: it keeps your drink cold! This is especially helpful if you don’t want to dilute your good hard liquor with melted ice.

Wolfos31 / Reddit

15. These benches in Sweden make it extremely easy for friends and couples to share a meal or a nice cup of coffee or tea in a public place. Who would have thought that it was as simple as placing a little, elevated table in the middle of the seats?

ibleedorange / Reddit

16. This supermarket has special aisles just for anyone looking to avoid the temptation of candy. Of course, it’s also handy for anyone who has small kids who might start a fuss if they don’t get any sweets.

KrazoaSpirt / Reddit

17. This special highlighter has a clear component that allows you to clearly see what you’re highlighting as you’re doing it. That might not sound special, but it can actually be surprisingly difficult to properly highlight because the tool itself gets in the way!

chillin_krillin / Reddit

18. It can be endlessly annoying to know which strings attached to a ceiling fan are meant to control the fan itself, and which is for the light. Who would have known that it was as simple as attaching a little icon to each to save you the frustration?

hammurabi1337 / Reddit

19. More and more public places these days are installing charging stations for your phone, but what makes this one unique is that you have to sit down and pedal to get it to work! If you want to get your phone working again, you have to work for it.

yueyuexue / Reddit

20. It always feels like a gamble when you’re turning on the water for a shower, doesn’t it? Even if it’s in your own home, it can be tough to get the temperature right without some testing. With this special shower handle that reads temperature, that’s less of a problem!

mojojj31 / Reddit

This roll of toilet paper contains an extra smaller roll of toilet paper inside. Why? It’s not for your own bathroom, but for you to take with you as an emergency backup in case you find yourself in that terrifying situation when a public bathroom doesn’t have toilet paper!

scd22 / Reddit

There’s nothing stopping people from making these inventions more widely known, so let’s get the word out there! Each one can definitely make life a whole lot easier.

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