Everyone craves a little bit of luxury in their world. Some people indulge this desire by spending money on fancy vacations, while others save up their pennies to invest in something that they have always wanted or dreamed of to get a taste of the good life.

Sometimes, luxury can be as simple as making the most out of your backyard. Be it the addition of a pool or a kids’ swing set, there’s nothing like knowing you’re putting that space to good use to get the most luxurious finished product.

But what if you could be doing even more with your outdoor space without even realizing it? Check out what Torii Cinema Company did with this seemingly ordinary little shed. When you see the finished project, you’ll be totally envious!

Every good idea starts with a plan. Looking at this simple rendering of an outdoor shed, you would not necessarily think that you were looking at anything so spectacular. It’s not that different from a shed kit you could buy at a major hardware chain, but Torii Cinema Company had plans for this structure that you won’t believe!

01-home-movie-theater-diy-projectTorii Cinema Co.

However, that was just the outside view of the plans. The proposed finished result involved something much more dramatic than you might expect to find in your average backyard. This was not going to be any ordinary tool shed!

02-home-movie-theater-diy-projectTorii Cinema Co.

 In the photograph below, you can see both the simple framing that would serve to support the structure as well as the quality insulation that would line it. Why insulate a tool shed, you ask? Well, it was all part of the master plan…

03-home-movie-theater-diy-projectTorii Cinema Co.

With the insulation in place, it was then time to install the rafters. In most sheds, the roof and the ceiling itself are afterthoughts. This is typical of commercial structures. But these rafters made the tool shed look much more residential.

04-home-movie-theater-diy-projectTorii Cinema Co.

After the roofing was in place, it was time to install track lighting. Installing wiring and electricity in a DIY project can be one of the most dangerous parts of your endeavor. Never scrimp on shelling out dollars for a professional electrician. These folks knew exactly what they were doing…

05-home-movie-theater-diy-projectTorii Cinema Co.

Now, with the wiring finally put in place, things were really starting to come together. Look at that beautiful, rustic shed! It was practically begging for someone to stand on its little porch and drink mint juleps, but that’s not exactly what the homeowners had in mind…

06-home-movie-theater-diy-projectTorii Cinam Co.

After a few coats of dark, rich varnish, the exterior started to look less like a tool shed and more like a fancy cabin you would find at a mountain resort. The exterior was fine enough, but that was all just a distraction from the real work that was happening inside…

07-home-movie-theater-diy-projectTorii Cinema Co.

Did you expect this? Just look at what they turned this shed into! It might’ve seemed like a high-end tool shed from the outside, but there was no denying that the surprise inside was truly remarkable. Who wouldn’t love to have their own private movie theater with all of the trimmings right on their property?

08-home-movie-theater-diy-projectTorii Cinema Co.

How incredible was this? The place had its own concession stand, velvet seats, and a big screen. As if that wasn’t enough, you can even see that hiring an electrician really did work out in the long run. That ceiling of stars made for quite the perfect finishing touch.

09-home-movie-theater-diy-projectTorii Cinema Co.

You’ve got to love a concession stand where you don’t have to pay to upgrade to a bigger size! How cool would it be to have your own candy stand filled with your favorite treats inside of your own personal movie theater? Talk about true luxury.

11-home-movie-theater-diy-projectTorii Cinema Co.

In addition to the comfy seating and the endless amounts of candy, this home movie theater boasted an impressive collection of films and video games! It would be such a blast to while away a day with your friends playing Xbox in this cool shed, huh?

12-home-movie-theater-diy-projectTorii Cinema Co.

The best thing about having your own little movie theater—outside of the convenience and money you’ll save, of course—is just how luxurious it feels! Can you imagine how much fun it would be to invite your friends over for private screenings?

10-home-movie-theater-diy-projectTorii Cinema Co.

The velvet seats are a really nice touch. If you had this luxurious little movie house in your back yard you would probably never leave! Can you believe that they made something so extraordinary out of a simple shed?

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