Just about everyone has, at one point or another, wanted nothing more than to travel to the edge of the world and escape the hustle and bustle. There’s something so peaceful about being away from it all, right?

Well, if you’re feeling this way, you might be in luck: the Tasmanian Parks And Wildlife Service, the conservation and protection agency for Tasmania, Australia, wants to give a lucky couple an idyllic island home all to themselves. Even better? They want to pay you! The only thing is that there might be a catch…

Replete with unbelievable views and diverse wildlife, Maatsuyker Island is paradise on Earth. So when the Tasmanian Parks And Wildlife Service (TPWS) posted on Facebook that they wanted to pay a couple to stay there, they, naturally, received an overwhelming response.


Located the southwest of Tasmania, the tiny island truly feels like it’s on the edge of the world. TPWS hopes that, along with pay and boarding, it’s enough to entice two intrepid folks to stay there for the next two years.


The lighthouse on Maatsuyker Island is the southernmost lighthouse in Australia. As an important meteorological outpost, those who stay there will be expected to maintain the buildings, equipment, and grounds.


There’s a garden, too, but most of the meals and food for the caretakers have to be self-provided. Also, there’s no TV or internet.


The folks who stay there can pack 325 kilograms (716 pounds) of supplies each for the helicopter ride out to the island. They’ll need to provide their own clothes, and entertainment as well. So pack smart!


Still, the 19th-century lighthouse is about as dreamy as it gets. Who couldn’t get used to this incredible view every single day?

06-Maatsuyker-IslandTasmanian Government

This is one adventure that might not be for the faint of heart, but for a lucky couple, it might be just the getaway they’re looking for!


That looks like quite the place to visit, but two years without internet or cell phone service might be a bit much. Then again, this could totally be the trip for certain adventurous folks. Plus, you’re paid to live there! What do you think?

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