If you spend any time gardening, chances are you’ve had a flower pot break. It feels like such a waste to throw it away. It still has to be good for something, right?

Luckily, there’s an incredible trick to using broken flower pots that might even be better than what they were originally meant for!

Anyone who’s done a lot of gardening probably has a bunch of broken pots lying around, but some people have found an amazing new way to put them to use.


They can actually be used to create a magical fairy garden!


You can easily recreate any of these gardens by using whatever plants or pieces of clay pot you have available.


This fairy garden is very intricate. Just look at all those amazing staircases.


Don’t worry if your flowerpot is shattered—the more pieces you have to work with, the more complex your garden can be!


Add a few fairy figurines to make it truly fantastical. This one even has toadstools for the fairies to rest on!


These are so great to look at. It’s like having a tiny magic kingdom of your very own, right in your own backyard. I’d love to try this out myself someday.

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