It’s hard to predict what kinds of trends will catch on with teenagers. There are some obvious things, like music and fashion statements that parents aren’t into which are bound to become popular, but other interests make much less sense.

Older folks are always tempted to rationalize why some things become trendy, but sometimes you simply have to sit back and appreciate the unique weirdness of a given fad.

To the list of odd, kind-of-cool, but thoroughly inexplicable teenage trends you can now add homemade “slime.” This goopy concoction is taking our nation’s teens by storm and has given rise to a rabid fan-base that exists both on social media and in real life…

A new trend has caught on with teenagers that’s leaving a lot of older people confused. “Slime,” made from a combination of Elmer’s glue, shaving cream, corn starch, and various other household ingredients has become incredibly popular…

slime-2@jkslime / Instagram

Teens share their creative slime creations, as well as tips and tricks for making the gooey concoction, on Instagram and other social media platforms. Some slime-related accounts have gotten hundreds of thousands of followers!

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A number of kids have even started making money selling their homemade slime to their peers. A 12-ounce container of the goop, colored or glittered to order, can fetch anywhere from five to 15 dollars!

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Luckily for those who want in on this gloppy new trend, making your own is very simple. With just a few ingredients you probably already have around the house, you can make and stylize your very own slime!

The slime definitely seems like it would be fun to play around with for a little while, but it’s surprising just how into it so many teenagers seem to be!

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