Cheese. Need we say more? Gooey or crumbly, mild or sharp, aged or fresh, it undeniably makes every dish just a little bit better. Unfortunately, it can also make our wallets feel pretty thin.

Fortunately for us, this amazing recipe below lets you make cheese at home… and for a fraction of the cost.

To start making your own cheese at home, you’ll need a gallon of whole milk, a quarter tablet of vegetable rennet, a teaspoon of cheese salt, and one-and-a-half teaspoons of citric acid powder. make-your-own-cheese-1thriftytreasuresDissolve both the citric powder and the rennet in separate quarter-cups of room-temperature water.

Pour the milk and citric acid mixture into a stainless steel pot, and keep over medium heat.make-your-own-cheese-2thriftytreasuresIf you have a thermometer, try to keep it around 88°F and stir.

As the milk starts to curdle, add the rennet mixture and raise the temperature to around 100°F.make-your-own-cheese-3thriftytreasuresSet another pot of water to just below boiling. When the first mixture reaches near 105°F, turn off the heat and let it sit.

Let the first mixture sit until the curds have separated from the whey (that’s the yellow-ish stuff).make-your-own-cheese-3athriftytreasures

Take out the curds and put them into a separate strainer.make-your-own-cheese-4thriftytreasures

You’re halfway there! Find the last few steps on the next page!