Makeup has the power to completely transform the way a person looks and feels. Changing your getup with a few different lotions, potions, and the right brush takes a truly special talent, but the results can make you look like someone else entirely.

But did you know that makeup can also make you laugh? Makeup artist Laura Jenkinson has dedicated her life to using her transformative beauty skills for entertainment, and the results are pretty spectacular.

Laura Jenkinson lives and works in the U.K. Her speciality is a little unusual.0-mouth

With a flick of a brush, she can transform her mouth into all sorts of characters. Here, she is the Genie from Disney’s Aladdin.1-mouth

This rendition of Pluto is picture perfect.

“What’s up, doc?”

I can’t even tell where her mouth starts and stops with this one. 4-mouth

Laura is clearly one makeup artist who eats her spinach!5-mouth

The Tasmanian Devil’s teeth are looking a lot less sharp than they used to.6-mouth

Her version of Cartman from South Park is almost too good!7-mouth

Her use of perception, shading, and other traditional techniques really brings these characters to life.

Look! She found Nemo!

With Laura’s incredible attention to detail, it looks like you could practically pluck the nose right off of this “Frozen” snowman!Screen-Shot-2014-08-20-at-8.38.32-AM

What an inventive way to use makeup! If you’d like to keep up to date with Laura’s latest creations, be sure to visit her Instagram and official website!

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