If you think about it, the word “miracle” gets thrown around too often. It’s frequently applied to silly, insignificant things, or to situations that have perfectly reasonable explanations.

Every once in a while, though, something positive happens that, on a purely logical level, should not have occurred at all. Perhaps there are varying degrees to which things can be considered miraculous, but what other word is there to describe something so wonderfully inexplicable?

That’s the situation in which one Imgur user found himself. He was involved in a gruesome car accident, but what ended up happening to him was truly nothing short of a miracle!

Imgur user firefighting128 was driving home on the highway when he got stuck in traffic. Yet that would be the least of his worries. “I pulled my vehicle to a stop, glanced up, and noticed a semi truck gaining extremely fast in my rear-view mirror,” he wrote.

1-miracle-car-accidentfirefighting128 / Imgur

 “I reached up to turn the wheel to try and get out of the way, and was struck from behind by the semi which was traveling at approximately 65 miles per hour. My vehicle was thrown off the road, through a ditch, through a fence, and into a ravine. The semi driver was not aware he hit me, and I spent 17 minutes trapped in the car before rescuers even found me. The fire department began cutting me out of the car, a process which took an additional 60 minutes.”

The incident took place a mile away from the area where this photo was taken.

2-miracle-car-accidentfirefighting128 / Imgur

“As you can see, it was obviously cold outside (12 degrees F). My body temp dropped to 96 degrees during the process of cutting me out of the car. A helicopter was called, landed on the middle of the interstate, and transported me from the scene,” he continued.

Traffic was backed up for nearly 17 miles, with no exits to relieve the congestion. The delays reportedly lasted up to four hours.

3-miracle-car-accidentfirefighting128 / Imgur

 “After arriving at the hospital, I had a severely broken arm, nerve damage in my arm, multiple broken ribs, a concussion, multiple back fractures, and severe kidney damage,” said the Imgur user. “The photo [below] is AFTER the arm was splinted in the trauma room. I spent 8 days in the hospital, and had my first of 3 surgeries (thus far).”

4-miracle-car-accidentfirefighting128 / Imgur

“Surgery 1 was to repair my arm,” he said.

5-miracle-car-accidentfirefighting128 / Imgur

“Hey, that looks better,” the Imgur user joked. Compared to nearly getting flattened by a semi, it certainly does!

6-miracle-car-accidentfirefighting128 / Imgur

“Surgery 2 was to save my damaged nerve and allow me to use my hand. Surgery #3 (which was a mere 10 days ago) was to fix my back.”

7-miracle-car-accidentfirefighting128 / Imgur

“After being discharged from the hospital, I got to see my car. This was once a Ford Fusion. As you can see, the trunk was pushed all the way into the passenger area. The truck ended up mere inches from my head.”

8-miracle-car-accidentfirefighting128 / Imgur

“Note: In an amazing bit of luck, the gas tank was not punctured nor was my spare tire. Had the vehicle caught fire, I would have perished. Again, note the location of the trunk. Mere inches from my head.”

9-miracle-car-accidentfirefighting128 / Imgur

“Had I not turned the wheel the instant I saw the semi in my rear-view mirror, I would have been thrown forward instead of to the sideways into the ditch/ravine. This would have allowed the semi to continue riding over my car, traveling the remaining few inches to strike my head and kill me.”

10-miracle-car-accidentfirefighting128 / Imgur

This detail of the driver’s seat reveals just how close a call the Imgur user found himself in.

“So the last year has sucked. Been on pain medications of various types for nearly the past year. I haven’t driven a vehicle since the accident, and am basically home-bound,” the Imgur user said, sharing this image from The Simpsons while joking, “Thus, I spend a LOT of time on this wonderful site.”

11-miracle-car-accidentfirefighting128 / Imgur

He’s referring to Imgur, of course!

“But not all is bad… My wife and I are expecting our first child this summer. It is my hope to be nearly healed in time for her arrival.”

12-miracle-car-accidentfirefighting128 / Imgur

“Thanks all for listening to my story. Keep making me smile as I am swiping through posts as I continue my recovery.”

Thank goodness this man had such a happy ending. Obviously, it would have been nice to never have to have such a painful experience in the first place, but with his child on the way, he must feel lucky to be alive!

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