Everyone can recall some unexplained mysteries that they’ve heard about happening to people.  Some of these stories are true, and others are merely an exaggerated story that people choose to believe. No one knows how or why these things happened, but some of these tales are passed down through generations until they become folklore.

Lots of these stories have to do with paranormal entities. For example, ship crews have sworn they’ve seen massive sea monsters while out sailing, and others claim to have had up-close experiences with ghostly forces. Sometimes, though, the stories involve average folk, but they’re still very difficult to believe true.

One of these stories centered around an Irish woman named Margorie McCall. Rumor had it she died at an early age from a terrible fever, but, the strange events that transpired after her death are shrouded in mystery…

Margorie McCall, a woman who grew up in Ireland in the early 1700s, had a very odd story behind her death. 

grave 1

Margorie apparently died of a fever as a young woman. Her husband and children had her quickly buried so the sickness couldn’t spread to the rest of the town. She was buried wearing an expensive ring, which put her at risk for grave robbers.

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 One night shortly after she was buried, a couple of thieves dug up her casket. While one of the criminals began to cut the ring off of her finger, the pain apparently woke Margorie up from the coma no one knew she was in, and she screamed!

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According to legend, the robbers dropped dead on sight. Margorie returned home to her family, but her husband was so frightened by her presence that he, too, died. Margorie went on to remarry and have children, and when she actually passed away many years later, she was returned to the same cemetery she was originally buried in.

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Whether or not this story is true is up for debate; either way, it sure is a creepy tale!

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