Whether they’re used in pizza, in your pasta, or as a meat substitute, mushrooms are an undeniably versatile food. That said, from portobello to shiitake, not all mushrooms are created equal—and that might even be an understatement.

Recently, while walking through the countryside of Falkirk, Scotland, a park ranger came across something that completely stunned her and her colleagues. She knew it was some kind of mushroom, but she’d never seen anything like it before.

Still, that didn’t stop her from trying to feed it to her coworkers…

Chefs and foodies alike often treasure mushrooms for their myriad uses in the kitchen. They perfectly compliment pasta dishes and pizzas, and certain ‘shrooms even work as the perfect meat substitute for vegetarian meals.

Furthermore, mushrooms come in all sorts of different shapes, sizes, and colors. Like snowflakes, no two are alike. There are portobellos, chanterelles, shiitakes, button, oysters, and more! Still, few compare to what was recently discovered in Falkirk, Scotland…

Park ranger Fiona Wishart was out walking the Scottish countryside when she stumbled upon an odd—and giant!—discovery. She realized it was a mushroom, but it was so large and heavy that no one believed it could possibly be real…

Weighing in at a whopping 24 pounds and measuring 59 inches in diameter, this puffball mushroom was, undoubtedly, enormous. In fact, Fiona and a colleague from the Falkirk City Council had to carry it back to their office using her coat as a bag.

When Fiona arrived back at the office, she and her colleagues began photographing the humungous fungus. In all of her years serving as a park ranger, she’d never seen anything quite like it before. What she did next was pretty crazy, though…

Afterward, Fiona decided to cut the puffball mushroom into pieces and divide them evenly amongst her 15 coworkers. “It was enormous and I’ve never seen anything like it. I picked it up but couldn’t carry it to the car. It was just like an awkward big ball,” she said in an interview.

Fiona couldn’t believe how many people she was able to feed with the gigantic puffball mushroom. Nevertheless, she was excited by her rare find. “It was shared out among 15 people in our office, who ate it dipped in bread and fried that night,” she said.

While just about anyone would consider Fiona’s puffball huge, people have found much larger ‘shrooms. In fact, past reports claim puffball mushrooms have been found weighing as much as 44 pounds. Can you imagine how many meals those would make?

Those in search of these ‘shrooms typically discover the largest ones in the late summer and early autumn. Not only are they a visual spectacle, but they’re also perfectly fine to eat. Evidently, they have a marshmallow-like texture! Mushroom S’mores, anyone?

While Fiona and the Falkirk Ranger Service’s primary goal is to promote and protect their local environment, that doesn’t stop their team from enjoying the fresh—and in some cases, large—produce that it creates!

That’s one humongous mushroom. Just imagine all of the different dishes you could make with it!

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