It’s hard to imagine befriending a murderer. Society treats murderers as people who don’t always deserve forgiveness. However, the families and friends of victims are truly the ones who must decide to forgive.

One woman bravely recognized her power to forgive by befriending her father’s murderer after he unsuccessfully attempted to anonymously donate to her publishing house.

Some may think that what this woman chose to do is unfair to her father’s memory, but she believed exactly the opposite—and her actions are truly inspirational.

Margot Van Sluytsman is a 55-year-old woman living in Toronto. One day, a man named Glen Flett accidentally included his name in an anonymous donation to Margot’s publishing house… and she recognized him right away. That’s because he was the man who murdered her father.

killer1Margot Van Sluytman / Twitter

On March 27, 1978, Margot’s father, a 40-year-old named Theodore, instructed his daughter to stay home with her Easter chocolate while he took a trip to the men’s clothing store where he worked. He never came back.

killer2Margot Van Sluytman / Twitter

A few hours later, police arrived at Margot’s home to inform her family that there had been an armed robbery at the store—and Theodore had been shot and killed.

killer3Margot Van Sluytman / Twitter

Margo recalled to a news source, “It was a nightmare. A complete living nightmare.” Glen was caught soon after and served 15 years in prison for the murder. Years later, after Glen made his donation, he and Margot began exchanging emails.

killer5Margot Van Sluytman / Twitter

They made plans to meet in person, and Margot said she burst into tears when they hugged. Now, the two work together to raise awareness for restorative justice between victims and perpetrators. Margot said, “I promised my dad his life wouldn’t be for nothing. I’ve honored that by helping the man who killed him to make a difference.”

killer6Margot Van Sluytman / Twitter

What an inspirational tale of healing and friendship. Despite all the pain Margot has been through, she showed her true loving nature by accepting Glen as a flawed human, and the two are now making amazing progress with others like them.

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