There are a lot of horrifying creatures on our planet, but they’re nothing compared to the ones that used to stalk the Earth.

A piece of this terror-inducing past recently washed up on the shores of the North Carolina coast last October, and when you see it, you’ll be very glad that you live in the present.

Denny Bland was walking along the beach near North Top Sail, North Carolina, when she came upon a shocking discovery.


It was the enormous tooth of a Megalodon shark. If you can’t tell, the Megalodon was big — really big. In fact, they made the T-Rex look miniscule.


They could reach up to 60 feet in length. Luckily, they died out somewhere around 5 million years ago.

06-megalodon-toothWikimedia Commons

But this six inch tooth gives you an idea of just how massive these bad boys were.


This one was probably swept up the strong currents created by Hurricane Joaquin last fall.


Let’s just hope nothing else got woken up…


It’s wild to think that monster movies could have basically been reality a few million years ago. As if great whites weren’t scary enough…

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