Many people look to popular social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram to find the latest in culinary trends. One minute it’s avocado toast; the next, it’s unicorn frappuccino (yes, really).

There are many reasons these creations gain traction among foodies, and each dish has its unique way of captivating its audience. Some of them become popular because they’re nutritious, and others are just simply too beautiful (or weird) to ignore.

That’s exactly why the newest craze is spreading like wildfire on social media. Not only are these magical beverages easy on the eyes, but their healthful ingredients give foodies all over a reason to come back for more…

Every couple of months, a new culinary craze spreads across the interwebs and foodies come out in droves to get their hands on the latest treat. The biggest trend was the unicorn frappuccino, but that’s old hat now that mermaid food has made its debut!


That’s right: people have adopted the diet of mermaids… or, at least, what they’d like to imagine the mythical aquatic creatures would’ve feasted upon at mealtime. Not only is mermaid food garnering praise for its photogenic qualities, but for its nutritious benefits as well.


Instagram and Pinterest users have become obsessed with mermaid food, mostly because of its signature bright blue and green coloration. While this is what makes it aesthetically appealing, the ingredient that helps it achieve these vibrant hues is pretty strange in and of itself. In fact, it’s the same one that makes mermaid food so healthy in the first place. Can you guess what it is?


The secret ingredient of mermaid food, you ask? Spirulina. Regarded as a superfood, it’s made from green and blue algae found in both fresh and salt water. Once it’s harvested, spirulina is dehydrated and then turned into a green powder.


As the superfood is still new to the health community, there isn’t much, if any, scientific evidence to back up these claims. Nevertheless, people have been using it to improve and aid in digestion, as well as to heal wounds.


Among these great benefits, spirulina also boasts a healthy dose of vitamins and essential proteins. Most notably, it contains iron and B vitamins, which serve to give people a good source of energy to get through the day.


While the most popular method of preparation is to scoop a serving of spirulina into a fruit smoothie or a smoothie bowl, others have used it to give their toast an oceanic appeal. Just look at that bright blue hue and the star-shaped fruit to top it off!

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 4.38.15 PM

The possibilities for mermaid food don’t end there, either! This crafty Pinterest user decided to make some delectable green smoothie popsicles with a little chocolate drizzle for good measure. They look delicious.


While plenty of people post their pictures of spirulina-infused smoothie bowls on sites like Instagram and Pinterest, they provide few details about the actual taste of the product. Hey, at least it’s getting people to eat healthier, right?


If you’re still unsure about making your own mermaid food smoothie, toast, or popsicles, at least your social media feed will be filled with bright, pretty pictures of food for the time being. As it looks for now, spirulina isn’t going away anytime soon.


This food trend is must-try for anyone who loves social media as much as they do being healthy. What do you think? Would you taste it?

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