Millions of us have access to high-tech cameras whenever we want it, thanks to readily available modern technology. With most phones capable of recording video or audio at the push of a button, it’s not unlikely that some amazing things will be caught on film from time to time.

That said, even some old fashioned cameras are capable of rolling at just the right time…

A man in Australia was testing his new camera while taking a stroll along the beach. All of a sudden, something strange strikes in the sky and his camera captures the whole event. You’re not going to believe what rare sight this man may have captured on video.

An unnamed man recently went to the beach to test his new camera…


He began aimlessly filming the sky above the water…


…When suddenly the camera catches something wild in the sky. Now, people are baffled by what he saw.

Although it’s unclear whether this is the result of digital editing trickery or natural phenomena, it’s a great reminder that sometimes the most amazing things happen when you least expect them!

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