Cats are agile creatures who can outwit their humans without breaking a sweat. They’ll manage to scale impossibly high shelves in the blink of an eye; swipe food from your dinner plate right under your nose; and sneakily hide all of your socks behind the couch where you’d never think to find them.

But just when you thought you’ve seen the craftiest cats in the world, you meet Mirko, the most impressive of them all.

No, Mirko can’t solve complex puzzles or sneak past his owner without getting noticed. Instead, he has one amazing talent that puts all other cats to shame—and he does it better than any human!

This is Mirko… and he loves to dance!


He’s so light on his feet.


Mirko lives in Japan with his two siblings, but he’s the most athletic by far.


So fabulous!




Mirko has purr-fected the art of jazz hands.


With over 50,000 followers on Twitter, Mirko is quite the star.


Go, Mirko! Dance like you’ve never danced before!


If Grumpy Cat can become an internet sensation for her looks, then Mirko is destined for stardom. Dance like no one is watching, Mirko!

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