Anyone who’s been robbed knows how frustrating it is—and how powerless it makes you feel—to have your possessions snatched from you without explanation. The police don’t always have a convenient trail of clues to follow, nor do you have any control over what happened and how to resolve it. Sometimes the only thing you can do is to become angry.

So it wasn’t unusual for one woman in Lakewood, Washington to want to track down the person who had swiped one of the butterfly-adorned wind chimes that hung in her yard.

But she wasn’t angry at all. In fact, she wanted to do something sweet for the person… and when you find out why, you just might cry.

A Lakewood, Washington woman named Chrissy Marie was upset to learn that one of her butterfly wind chimes was stolen from her yard—until she discovered a note on her doorstep with a $5 bill enclosed.


Find out what the note said…and how Chrissy responded.

It’s not easy to lose a loved one, but if those in mourning can manage to give love and positivity back to the world, it’s possible that they will be rewarded with kindness in return. Hopefully, Chrissy finds Jake soon!

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