Coconuts are absolutely awesome. Whether you’re drinking from them, eating them, or cooking with their oil, it’s hard to find a flaw in this tropical delight.

Not only are they delicious and useful around the kitchen, but there’s no denying that coconuts are the toughest fruits on the planet. They’re incredibly hard to crack, and they’re potentially very dangerous if they happen to fall from a tree.

But just how durable are they? That’s what one amateur scientist decided to find out, and the results were fascinating!

Coconuts are delicious, and they’ll forever be associated with tropical getaways! Nothing quite says “vacation by the beach” the way this image does of a couple of straws stuck into two freshly opened coconuts.

Coconuts are more than than just a delicious treat, too; they’re also really healthy! They can protect against heart disease, and they contain tons of calcium, potassium, magnesium, and electrolytes to keep you hydrated.

Of course, a fruit this delicious and that happens to be growing in the wild has to be durable. In fact, the coconut is so notoriously tough that one man decided to conduct a rather ridiculous experiment to see just how durable its shell really is.

For this test, he realized he would need to utilize some heavy machinery. (That alone was probably fairly indicative of just how hard a coconut is.) To begin, he drilled a circle into the top of his coconut…

With a perfect hole in the top, he was now ready to continue the rest of the experiment. Believe it or not, this was not exactly the kind of experiment you’d ever want to try at home. Before he got started, though, it was time for a little treat…

Before he could get to the fun part of the experiment, it was time to reap some of the rewards for all of that hard work of cutting a hole into the shell. The man tipped over the coconut, and out poured all of that delicious and nutritious coconut water. Yum!

Now thoroughly refreshed, it was time for a little fun… and fire. The man decided to test the coconut shell’s durability by applying some seriously intense heat… in the form of piping-hot molten copper. Yup, that’s right! You definitely do not want to try this at home, folks.

While other strength testers might be content to just put their coconut in the oven, that obviously wasn’t enough for this dude. As you can see below, he decided that only molten copper could accomplish what he had in mind.

Once the copper had completely melted down and was literally red hot, he scooped up some of it inside of an industrial ladle. Then, very carefully, he poured the molten copper inside of the coconut shell to see how much it could take…

By now you’ve gotten the point: coconuts are delicious, useful, good for you, and incredibly difficult to crack open. But to really send that message home, you need to see (and hear) what happened once he finally poured molten copper inside the coconut… and then cracked open the shell. You won’t even believe the results…

Whoa! You probably thought that you knew what was going to happen… but this red-hot experiment probably made you stare in awe. That’s one heck of a homemade tiki torch!

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