Not much in life comes close to the devastation felt after losing a spouse, but you wouldn’t have to explain that to 18-year-old mom Sarah McKinley. The Oklahoma native lost her husband to cancer on Christmas Day, and she’d been working through her emotions in order to take care of their infant son ever since.

Yet, not long after their tragic loss, Sarah and her son found themselves in a horrifying situation: someone was trying to break into their home. Thinking quickly—and calmly—Sarah grabbed a shotgun and a pistol and dialed 911. Then she asked permission to do what she had to do…

As if it wasn’t bad enough that Sarah McKinley and her infant son lost her husband to cancer on Christmas, they were about to be faced with another traumatic experience.


When Sarah realized two men were trying to break into her home, she grabbed a shotgun and a pistol, dialed 911…


…And asked for permission to protect herself.

It’s remarkable how calm and collected Sarah sounded on the phone during that 911 call. She knew what she had to do, and was prepared to do it.

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