Every generation thinks they’re better than the one their parents belonged to. Whether we think we’re smarter, funnier, or cooler, it’s our natural tendency to believe that being older equates to being less “hip.”

One group of moms proved this entire theory wrong with the snap of a single selfie. When these four friends sent their mothers a photo of them in the stands at a baseball game, the moms responded in the funniest way possible.

A group of young men were out at a baseball game when they decided to take a selfie and send it to their moms. 

mom-selfie-1Reddit / satanscomedian

What their moms sent back just goes to show that there’s no telling a mom how to be cool…because they already know. 

mom-selfie-2Reddit / satanscomedian

These moms took trolling to an expert level with this selfie. That’s right, kids, Mom was busy being cool long before you even existed…and don’t you forget that!

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