Parenting is extremely hard work, and there are inevitably moments when you get frustrated with the job or with your kids themselves. No matter how much you love them, there will be times when they push your buttons and try your patience!

In those sorts of situations it’s all too easy to slip up and vent your frustrations in front of your children. Everybody’s done it, and some with more, shall we say, choice language than others.

We try to rationalize it and say they won’t remember or aren’t paying close attention. As this recent bit on Jimmy Kimmel Live! proves, however, kids’ memories are better than we give them credit for — and they don’t mind embarrassing Mom and Dad given the opportunity!

Late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel recently asked a number of kids to tell him the worst thing they ever heard their mom say.


Most of them were all too happy to spill the beans on Mom’s —ahem— “verbal slip-ups.”


Some of them even had to look off-camera and makes sure they wouldn’t get in trouble for repeating what they’d heard!


This hilarious kids just go to show that you should always watch your language when kids are in the room — because they’re listening! Just watch their adorable reactions when they admit what they’ve heard…

These kids are too funny! Moms beware: one day your kids might get a chance to embarrass you on a national platform!

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