When you hire a babysitter, you often put the wellbeing of your children into the hands of a nearly total stranger. That’s why so many parents endure a tedious screening process if they opt to hire someone they don’t know—or they rely on friends and family to help with the care of their kids.

However, sometimes even the people you trust the most in the world are capable of extreme evil. That’s something that one family in London learned in the most devastating way possible…

Clive and Elsie Ralph were a young married couple with three children. Money wasn’t exactly pouring into their coffers, so when a friend who was staying with them offered to babysit free of charge, they were happy to take him up on it. It was a choice they would come to regret dearly…

For weeks, Clive and Elsie had opened their home to David McGreavy, who needed a place to stay. On nights when Clive had to pick up Elsie from her job as a barmaid, David said he would stay and watch the children. This seemed like a good idea… until Clive and Elsie returned home one night and found their home swarmed by police.

At 21 years old, David’s life was already marred by darkness. He had been kicked out of the Royal Navy and his own parents’ home. The reason for this was all too common: David had a serious drinking problem.

Clive and Elsie weren’t bothered by David’s drinking, and their three young children absolutely adored him. With Clive working long hours as a truck driver and Elsie closing the bar most nights, allowing David to stay with them seemed like the perfect solution to all their problems.

The family settled into a routine of sorts. Clive and Elsie would leave for their jobs and David would mind four-year-old Paul, two-year-old Dawn, and nine-month-old Samantha. It seemed to everyone that David’s life was turning around. But it wasn’t going to last…

The night their lives changed forever was an ominous one: Friday the 13th. David had been drinking at the bar when he got into a fight with a fellow patron after he put out his cigarette in the man’s drink. They came to blows, but David left of his own accord. He had to go back to look after the children anyway.

With the children presumably safe with David, Clive left to go pick up Elsie at the bar where she worked. He figured that while he waited for her to finish her shift, there would be no harm in having a beer himself. After all, the kids were home safe with David… or were they?

When Clive and Elsie finally arrived home, the police were blocking their door. At first the tight-lipped officers wouldn’t tell them what had happened, let alone allow them inside. Eventually they learned the horrible truth: Paul, Dawn, and baby Samantha were dead—and David had admitted to killing them all.

“I put my hand over her mouth and it went from there,” David drunkenly admitted after he killed the wailing Samantha. “It’s all in the house. On Paul I used a wire. I was going to bury Paul but I couldn’t… I went outside and put them on the fence. All I can hear is kids, kids, kids…”

According to David, not long after Clive left to get Elsie, baby Samantha woke up crying for a bottle. In his drunken stupor, David could not stop her cries, and this woke up the other children. David was in no condition to be dealing with three upset children.

Samantha was becoming hysterical, but instead of trying to give her a bottle, David killed the crying infant while her older brother and sister looked on in total shock at what they were witnessing.

There was no going back for David at that point; a switch in his head had been flipped. With Samantha already dead, David turned on the two other children. Before they could even think to run, he killed both of them.

The horror was far from over. After all three of the Ralph children were dead, David took their remains into the neighbor’s back garden and left them on display on the fence. It was truly atrocious.

When the police discovered what David had done, even seasoned professionals were stunned. Before long, the story of David’s crimes had swept the nation. No one could believe it, especially given that his sole motive was to silence a crying baby.

David was sentenced to multiple years in prison. He also earned himself the nickname of  the “Monster of Worcester.” That might sound like the end of his story, but it was only the beginning…

Prison was rough. When the other prisoners realized that David had harmed children, they made his life a living nightmare—but David wouldn’t back down. He once challenged notorious serial child killer Ian Brady to a fight to prove he was the more dangerous criminal.

Eventually David learned that the way to stay alive in prison was to keep to himself. He took up cooking and spent a lot of time in the library. He became completely isolated. In 2006, David was transferred to an “open prison,” which allowed him to roam the streets during the day. When word got out, the locals were furious—and he was transferred back to the closed prison.

Understandably, Clive and Elsie never recovered from the loss of their children. Distraught, Elsie tried to end her own life; she eventually decided to leave Clive and move away. She is currently waiting for the day David is released for a very dark reason…

“If he was released, I’d be waiting outside with a gun,” said Elsie. “‘Life’ should mean life and he should never get to walk free. He got off lightly with a life sentence—he should have been hanged… For what he did to my three children and me, he deserves the same treatment that they got—death.”

David is up for parole in 2018, though he has already been denied many times. David might think he wants out of prison, but if he knew what Elsie had planned, it would probably be a different story.

Though violence is never the answer, it’s easy to understand just why Elsie is so angry. Here’s hoping that David is never allowed outside of prison walls.

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