Anyone with a little one can tell you that monsters are a child’s worst nightmare. No matter how reassuring parents are, there’s just no convincing a child that there aren’t any monsters in the closet or under the bed.

This is precisely the problem that two-year-old Mya was having—she was just way too frightened! No matter how much her parents did to ease her fears, she was certain there were monsters nearby. Then, one day, her parents decided to give her a spray bottle.

What was in that bottle would change Mya’s life forever…

At only two years old, Mya was at the perfect age for the fear of monsters in the closet and under the bed to affect her dreams. It’s not that unusual for kids at that age to scare easily, but it can be frustrating for both them and their parents.


Unfortunately, though, it wasn’t long before the British Columbian toddler started having nightmares every single evening. Nightmares in and of themselves are quite common for toddlers, but that doesn’t make them any more pleasant! Plus, it’s important for little ones to be able to sleep.


Unable to assure her that she was perfectly safe and that there were no monsters, her parents were at a loss. That is, until Mya’s dad came up with an ingenious idea—one that involved an unusual trip to their local pharmacist.


Armed with nothing but an average spray bottle, Mya’s dad asked the (understandably) confused pharmacists to help him with one small task: all he needed them to do was to print out a prescription label made out for Mya. But how could medication help with her fear?


Perplexed, the pharmacists obliged, and they printed a very specific set of instructions that they then affixed to the spray bottle. According to their (and her father’s) careful instructions, Mya was supposed to spritz the contents of the bottle “around the room at bedtime and repeat if needed.” So what exactly was in that special spray bottle, anyway? And how the heck would it resolve her nightmares?


Why, it was “monster spray,” of course! What else could it be? Thanks to this great idea from her dad, and with the help of the local pharmacists, of course, Mya had her very own bottle of magical spray to help keep the monsters away!


Now that she had the spray bottle, Mya was ready for anything. Her parents loved to play along with her, too, especially since it kept the little girl convinced that the monster spray was actually working. It wouldn’t be as effective (or fun) if they kept trying to tell her that she was just imagining things, would it?


It’s also worth mentioning how fantastic it was that the people working at the local pharmacy were so happy to oblige Mya and her family. Who could resist such an adorable request? As an added bonus, actual drugs were never required to concoct the monster spray!


Needless to say, Mya was a big fan of this new protection against her greatest fear. Ever since she got her hands on that monster spray, those pesky nightmares have completely stopped—and she’s finally been able to sleep!


There’s nothing like peace of mind when it comes to getting some sleep—especially when you’re only two! The best part of this whole thing, however, was actually seeing how happy using the “monster spray” made little Mya! Just watch her reaction once the bottle is in her hands…

Mya’s dad might just be a genius. She’ll never be afraid of monsters again, that’s for sure! How cute.

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