Nature has a way of surprising us, from a beautiful sunset to an appearance by an adorable critter. But sometimes, nature hits us with something so big that it changes the way we see things.

Charlie Ware was out hunting in the woods of Old Mines, Missouri, when he tripped over what he thought was a pile of dirt. But when he realized what he found, he knew he had stumbled upon a true marvel of nature.

What Charlie Ware found was a morel mushroom. A gigantic, possibly record-breaking morel mushroom, to be specific. 

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According to the Missouri Department of Conservation, this mushroom stands as the biggest on record thus far.

The morel is even bigger than a two-liter bottle, to put it in perspective. According to a site called Fresh Morels, the average morel is two to four inches!

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“I’ve never seen one that tall with that much girth. [Ware’s wife] just told me that it’s 12 inches tall with a 4 ½ inch diameter, and a circumference of 13 inches. That is massive in morel standards,” said Ron Cook, an administrator of the Missouri Morel Hunting group, told Springfield News-Leader.

So what do you do with a mushroom that big once it’s been studied and recorded? Well, Charlie’s son is turning twelve soon, and the family plans to cook the morel for his birthday celebration. 

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What a find! I bet it’ll be super delicious in a risotto dish.

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