Baseball! Apple pie! Fireworks! It seems like almost everyone has an opinion on what it means to be an American. Yes, a little good-natured disagreement is never a bad thing, but there’s one thing every true American can agree on: loving this country runs in our blood.

For those looking to ditch the labels and get back to being the one thing that unites us all, these 20 outrageously American photos will make even the most reluctant patriot stand up and salute the red, white, and blue. In fact, let’s see if you can even get past the first ten images without running out of the house chanting “USA! USA! USA!”

1. The Most American Photo Ever: The chances of a picture more patriotic than this one ever coming into existence are slim to none: Buzz Aldrin saluting the flag as military aircrafts fly over a game of one of America’s favorite sports. Somewhere, high on a mountaintop, a bald eagle is shedding a single tear over this unbelievable amount of freedom.

singleladad / Reddit

2. McMerica: Though McDonald’s may have restaurants in every corner of the globe, let’s not forget where it all began: the good ol’ U.S. of A. Say what you will about the golden arches, but we all know what that big yellow “M” really stands for: ‘Merica.

3. The Best Beef: No, this beautiful cut of meat wasn’t shaped by hand: it was taken straight from the back of a red, white, and blue cow. Free-ranged beef? More like freedom-ranged!

4. American History: If this photo doesn’t make you want to drape an American flag over your shoulders and sprint down the nearest freeway, then communist Russia may be more your thing. Not only did the success of the Apollo 11 mission end the Space Race, but it also established the U.S. as the premiere global power. Take that, Gorbachev. 

marcuscotephoto / Reddit

5. Patriotism Overload: This image was actually banned in most U.S. states, as those who stared at its unfathomable patriotism too long spontaneously burst into a week-long rendition of “God Bless America.” You’ve been warned.

6. An American Myth: Legend has it that every year on the 4th of July, after singing the “Star Spangled Banner” 1,776 times and chanting the names of all 45 U.S. Presidents while crossing the Delaware River, the most American sunset conceivable will appear over George Washington’s grave. Seriously. Try it.

7. American Heroes: With Marvel churning out blockbusters left and right, it looks like D.C. is pulling out all the stops for its next Justice League movie. Superheroes, waterskiing, and America? All you’d have to do is toss in an apple pie and this photo could be the next President.

hyperviolator / Reddit

8. An American Combo: Move over, peanut butter & jelly: there’s a new perfect combo in town. Lady Liberty is stunning enough all by herself, but add in a heaping spoonful of patriotic pyrotechnics and you’ve got yourself one heck of a freedom sandwich.

CBS News

9. Eagle Cravings: When this bald eagle heard that Dunkin’ Donuts was bringing back its signature Stars and Stripes Donuts for the 4th of July, there was no way he wasn’t going to be the first one to grab a fresh dozen. But with the store’s strict “no bird” policy, he knew he had to get creative…

The Boston Globe

10. An American Graduation: Imagine you’ve just officially graduated from one of the country’s most prestigious military academies when a fleet of fighter jets flies overhead, giving you a glimpse into your future. It’s like a baby eagle watching its mother take flight… only ten thousand times better.

11. A Moment for America: Yes, Rocky IV is just a movie, but Rocky’s iconic victory over Ivan Drago held a great amount of significance for the average American during the latter years of the Cold War. Even now, watching Rocky as he’s draped with the flag is inspiring enough to make us recite the “Pledge of Allegiance” on the spot.

Rocky IV

12. American Innovation: Chocolate fountain? Yawn. Cheese fountain? Eh. Ketchup fountain complete with a smorgasbord of McDonald’s fries, burgers, and McNuggets? This is, undoubtedly, what past leaders envisioned for the future of our nation.

13. A Truck Fit for a Country: If America was a car, it’d definitely be this truck. Sure, it’s big, imposing, and sometimes overwhelming, but when you’re behind the wheel of this bad boy nothing can stand in your way… because you’d literally run right over it.

14. True Dedication: If you’re going to be careless enough to get a sunburn, you might as well make your country proud while doing it. Next up for this guy: sunburning the entire Bill of Rights and the remaining 17 amendments on his chest. Have fun with that…

15. A-beer-rica: If you’re looking for the best beer, there’s only one kind you should be drinking: American. Luckily, for those that aren’t sure if their local liquor stores are selling that good-ol-fashioned Brew.S.A., Walmart makes it pretty clear what suds you should be reaching for.

16. A Real American: A handlebar mustache is already the calling card of a real American, but dying those whiskers to match Old Glory instantly qualifies this guy to be a Founding Father. Someone better call Nicolas Cage: the Declaration of Independence needs one more signature!

17. The Most American Dessert: While there are a number of desserts that are undeniably American – chocolate chip cookies, fudge brownies, even fried Oreos – nothing screams U.S.A. like a warm slice of pie. Of course, if this were an apple pie we’d have to build a statue to celebrate its magnificence. 

Work Wear Wander

18. The Official Vehicle of America: You’ve heard of the stars and stripes, but what about cars and stripes? It only makes sense that every vehicle here is a Jeep, the most adventurous, trail-blazing car out there. It’s also fitting that the driver of each is actually a bald eagle.

The Truth About Cars

19. The New “Dollar Menu”: Other countries can have their laughs over our fried foods and capitalist economy, but let’s be honest: that deep-fried dollar bill looks pretty darn delicious. All this dish needs is a little barbecue sauce and you’re looking at the newest addition to McDonald’s dollar menu — literally.

20. True Love: Does it get any more American than the leader of the free world caught sharing a tender moment with the flag that represents the values of his country? No, no it does not.