Life is a precious cycle and every single thing that is born must one day die, making way for new life to enjoy its time on Earth. It’s true for animals, plants, and insects alike.

We all hope that, when it’s our time to shuffle off this mortal coil, we do it peacefully, in our sleep, surrounded by family and friends. Really, that’s all anyone wants out of the final moments of their life, right?

Sadly, some people do not get to live that dream. For some, death is unexpected, shocking, and more than a little bit weird. Here are 10 instances where that was absolutely the case.

1. One man thought his worries were over after he received an organ transplant that was supposed to save his life. However, the donor had passed away from endometrial cancer. The man who received her organ survived the transplant, only later to die of her cancer.

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2. A man died suddenly of a heart attack, but it was ruled a homicide and another man was sent to jail for the crime! How did that happen? Well, 30 years earlier—during an argument—the first man was shot by a friend, though he survived. Over the course of three decades, the bullet traveled slowly to his heart, where it eventually blocked a valve and caused the heart attack that led to his death.

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3. An elderly woman suffered a stroke at her home. Although still alive, she was paralyzed and could not call for help. Her small dog, mistaking her for dead, began to eat the skin off her face and body. By the time she was discovered and brought to the hospital, it was too late to save her.

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4. It’s actually much more common than you might think to die while on the toilet. Apparently, using too much force to try and pressure out a stubborn bowel movement can lead to a drop in blood pressure, which, in turn, can cause sudden death. So the next time you go to the bathroom, try and remember to take it easy in there.

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5. One man refused to give up during an arm wrestling contest. Even after experiencing a small break in his arm, he continued to wrestle. He would eventually die from sepsis caused by multiple untreated breaks that occurred during the match. Whether he even won the arm wrestling match is a detail lost to history.

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6. Edward Archbold was just 32 when he died from consuming too many cockroaches. Archbold, a competitive eater from Florida, was consuming the bugs during a cockroach-eating contest. Doctors later determined that he choked on the still-moving arms and legs and died. “Revenge,” we imagine the dying cockroach murmured as it slid down Archbold’s throat. “Revenge.”

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7. One man was desperate to end his own life, so he planned to hang himself from his apartment balcony. Tragically, the rope he chose was too long. When he leapt from the balcony, the rope snapped his head off. It took responding officers hours to discover his missing head resting on a neighbor’s balcony.

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8. A man died after refusing to see a doctor for 20 years, and medical examiners were shocked to discover that he had been living with a hernia on his scrotum that was the size of a football. His toenails were also so long that they looked more likes talons than anything human. His hatred of doctors led to his actual death. There’s a lesson to be learned there.

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9. When a young woman died suddenly, her family and friends were struck dumb by the tragedy. They couldn’t understand it. Weeks later, an autopsy would reveal that she had inhaled a bee which had stung her lungs. She was allergic to bees. Wayward bees aren’t always easy to spot, so look out.

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10. Ever stayed home sick from work or school to lie on your couch and nurse what you were sure was nothing more than a stomach bug? So did one man in his 50s—only he never got up from his couch again. His iron levels were through the roof, destroying his liver and, in turn, his body’s ability to process blood. One more very good reason always to visit your doctor annually for a check-up.

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Some of these strange causes of death were unavoidable tragedies, while others could have been prevented with a healthy dose of common sense or regular check-ups. It really makes you think!

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