Death isn’t always the easiest thing to think about. While it’s something that we all must face someday, that doesn’t mean we all meet it in the same way.

See, history is full of deaths that are more than just a little… unusual. They’re tragic, sure, but you can’t acknowledge the “stranger than fiction” aspects of it.

Few, however, are stranger than these 15 bizarre deaths that seem like the work of some sort of Netflix series than reality. Instead, they’re very real and they’re very, very weird!

1. Para-shoot suit riot: Inventor and parachute engineer Franz Reichelt wanted to make a big splash in 1912, so he tested his newly-designed “parachute suit” by jumping off of the Eiffel Tower. Unfortunately, it went about as well as you would expect, and he didn’t survive the stunt.

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2. Whale, what did he expect: SeaWorld coworkers Brian Hartley and Jay Newton were using a huge crane to lift an orca when Newton made the unwise decision to step underneath the whale to check on the harness…

In that very moment, Hartley made a terrible mistake at the worst possible time: He accidentally dropped the killer whale on the ground, bringing Newton to an immediate and untimely death.

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3. Car trouble: In the 1920s, American-born dancer Isadora Duncan was a hit all across Europe, particularly the Western portion and even the Soviet Union. She was known not just for dancing, but also for her stunningly long neck.

Duncan also loved wearing long scarves and leisurely rides in sports cars through the country, which would prove to be a deadly combination. These hobbies lead to her shocking and untimely death when her scarf got caught between a car’s axle and wheel, fatally snapping her neck.

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4. Horse play: As a Boeing engineer, one would probably assume that Gig Harbor, Washington, resident Kenneth Pinyon was a pretty stand-up guy. That all changed when he visited a farm in the area… to have sex with a horse.

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Worse yet, two of his friends videotaped the entire affair! He was rushed to the hospital immediately following the event because of a ruptured colon. He died from the injuries of having receptive anal intercourse with the horse.

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5. Slice of life: Debbie Mills Newbroughten, then 99 years old, was being walked in a wheelchair by her daughter on her way to her own hundredth birthday party when she was hit by a truck… that was, ironically, delivering the birthday cake to her party.

6. Blood soup for you: An 88-year-old woman from Rio De Janeiro was being cared for in a hospital when a nurse technician made a terrible mistake: instead of putting soup into the feeding tube, she injected it right into the woman’s veins!

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7. Game of life: Lee Seung Seop was a bonafide video game addict from South Korea who died in 2005 because he just couldn’t bear the thought of taking a rest from the popular computer game, Starcraft, while playing in an internet cafe. But how did he end up losing his life?

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The fact that he had quit his job to devote more time to the game was bad enough, but things became worse after he played for 50 hours straight, stopping only for bathroom breaks and short naps. He ended up dying of heart failure and dehydration.

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8. Double jeopardy: When 49-year-old Russian woman Fagilyu Mukhametzyanov was pronounced dead by doctors, there was one problem: she was actually still alive! She woke up at her own funeral. She was in such shock that she had a fatal heart attack.

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9. Tweetle-deedle-doomed: An aspiring rapper, 21-year-old Ervin McKinness—also known as Inkyy—was driving drunk with his friends one night when he made another poor choice: he tweeted while he was driving. It turned out to be his last tweet…

“Drunk AF going 120 drifting corners #F***It YOLO,” it read. YOLO, of course, stands for “you only live once,” which proved to be unfortunately predictive. Shortly after sending the tweet, Inkyy and his friends died in a car accident.

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10. Pooped: While fetching manure with his sons on their Maryland dairy farm, 48-year-old Glen Nolt fell into the manure pit. His sons jumped in to try to save him, but, tragically, all  of them died of asphyxiation as a result.

11. Love sick: Once, two women made a bet with 28-year-old Sergei Tuganov that he couldn’t last all day with them in bed, so he swallowed an entire bottle of Viagra in preparation. He won the bet… but 12 hours later, he died of a heart attack.

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12. Don’t carrot all: In 1974, 48-year-old Basil Brown drank himself to death… but it wasn’t alcohol. Rather, he drank 10 entire gallons of carrot juice over the course of just 10 days! That’s 10,000 times the recommended amount of vitamin A.

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13. Win-doh: A 39-year-old Toronto-based lawyer named Garry Hoy liked to demonstrate the supposed indestructibility of his office’s window by slamming his body into it. One day in 1993, however, the window actually broke, and he fell 24 stories to his death.

14. Breaking the plane: In 1979, John Bowen, 20, was attending a football game between the New York Jets and the New England Patriots. During halftime, Phillip Cushman, an auto collision repair man from Brooklyn, participated in an airshow with his model aircraft—which was in the shape of a lawnmower, of all things—when he lost control and struck two people, including Bowen. Bowen died four days later.

15. Ben-geez, dude: In 1997, Eric Borussia did something highly unusual and ill-advised: a bungie jumping solo! He was as high as 70 feet off the ground when he began his plunge and… well, you don’t need to be told what happened next, do you? He didn’t make it.

These bizarre deaths prove that life needs to be lived before it’s too late… but it’s never a bad idea to be careful!

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