The bond between a mother and a child is like no other between two people on Earth. Carrying a child in your womb for nine months fosters a connection that lasts a lifetime.

Unfortunately, not all mothers are able to raise their children themselves. Whether it’s due to a medical issue, their age, or their home life, some women choose one of the most heartbreaking options imaginable: they put their children up for adoption.

When Robin Adair Passey became pregnant at the age of 14, she knew there was no possible way she could raise the baby herself. So, once her daughter was born, she gave her up for adoption—but she never stopped wondering about her. That curiosity led to an amazing discovery…

When a young Utah woman named Becky Skousen signed up for a genealogy website to discover her roots, she had no intention of locating her birth mother. Adopted as a newborn, she had been raised by two parents who loved her as if she was their own. Still, she was curious about her heritage, though she would have no idea where that curiosity would take her…

Robin Adair Passey was just 14 years old when she met a man she was sure was the love of her young life. When Robin accidentally conceived, she was sure her boyfriend would stand by her side. Instead, he left her pregnant and heartbroken.

“I thought we were going to get married,” Robin said in an interview with ABC News. “And he turned. He decided no, and I was rejected.” After that, a pregnant Robin and her mother moved to Hawaii to get a fresh start on life.

Robin lived in Hawaii with her mother for about six months. Once her baby was born, she was forced to make a gut-wrenching decision: it was incredibly difficult, but Robin decided to give her newborn daughter up for adoption.

Stories like Robin’s might not be commonplace now, but in the 1960s and 1970s, they were the norm for unwed mothers. “In those days, girls went away, had babies and then came back and lived their life,” said Robin.

Robin only spent a couple of precious moments with her newborn daughter before the two were separated. “I got to unwrap her and count all of her fingers and toes,” she said. “And then that was it. I never saw her again. It was kind of like a death.”

Decades went by, and while Robin had no contact with her daughter or with the family who had adopted her, not a day passed that she didn’t think of her little girl. She didn’t even know that her daughter was being raised in Utah.

Robin had no idea that, as often as she thought about her daughter, her daughter was wondering about her. Many parents who give their children up for adoption fear that their children will hate them. In Utah, Becky was raised to be thankful that her biological mother had given her the best possible chance at happiness.

“I always had the attitude that, and I think my parents ingrained in me, that this woman loved me enough to give me a better life with a mom and a dad that could support me at the time,” Becky said. “I always figured that I would be able to thank her in the next life.”

While she was thankful to her birth mother for giving her a chance to be raised by a wonderful family, Becky had reasons of her own for never setting out to meet Robin in person. “I didn’t want to step into her life and upset everything,” Becky said. 

However, Robin, who had moved to Arizona, couldn’t stop but wonder about the little girl she gave up. She signed up for the genealogy site with the hopes that she would be able to find a clue. What happened next, however, was more than anyone planned for…

In addition to creating online family trees, the site also offered DNA analysis. The site claimed that, if you sent in a sample of your DNA, it would be able to match it to any relatives who were already in its database.

Robin was shocked at how quickly the site was able to process her DNA. She received notification that her DNA matched with another user’s up to 49.1%. With a percentage that high, that match could only mean one thing: this was her daughter.

Meanwhile, in Utah, Becky had also signed up for the site! “I ended up doing my DNA test to try and find out where I’m from,” she revealed. However, one thing Becky never expected to find was the actual identity of her birth mother…

Once the website connected the two women, it took no time at all for Robin to reach out to Becky. They agreed to meet in Phoenix, Arizona, where Robin lived. After 43 years of separation, the two women were reunited.

“It was at the Easter pageant at the Mesa Temple grounds, and it was by half a chance our youngest daughter, Mikella, saw Becky at the flag pole and walked up to her,” Robin said about that first meeting. “So here’s our very youngest and our very oldest meeting for the first time.”

There was someone else who was just as happy as Robin was about the reunion: Becky’s adoptive mother, Caralyn! “When you adopt a baby, you know there’s another mother,” she said. “I was so grateful for her, really. When I was shedding tears of joy, I knew that she was shedding tears of sorrow.”

Robin also felt intense appreciation for Caralyn, the woman who raised her child. “I am so grateful for what she’s done and taking care of Becky when I couldn’t at that time in my life,” she said. “I feel like I’ve known her forever.”

Now that Becky and Robin have finally met, their two families are closer than either woman ever dreamed possible. Robin even got the chance to watch the little girl she had to give up walk down the aisle and get married!

Fate had one more twist in store for both of these women. Before even learning that her biological mom lived in Arizona, Becky had been making plans to move there! Now, after 43 years of separation, the two women will be closer than ever.

How amazing is this story? When Robin gave up Becky, she had no idea if she would ever see her daughter again. Isn’t it amazing how fate can work to bring people back together?

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