Love is the strongest force in the world. Whether it be the love between a married couple, parents and children, or between best friends, this emotion trumps everything else.

The love between a parent and their offspring, however, is something special. As soon as two people decide to bring a child into the world, their lives change forever. They now have a human being that relies on them for everything. The sacrifices a parent makes in order to raise a child creates a certain bond that carries through the rest of their lives.

Tina Plantamura is the mother of three boys, and she knew how special her love was towards her children. She never wanted them to forget, so she decided to write a beautiful letter to them explaining the importance of saying ‘I love you.’

Tina Planatmura is the mother of three boys (two of which are pictured below). She wanted her sons to know how deep a mother’s love runs, so she decided to write them a letter to explain the true meaning behind the words “I love you.”

Tina and sonsTina Plantamura / Facebook

Tina started her heartwarming letter to her sons explaining how complicated the emotion of love can be, and although children may take their parents love for granted, it lasts an entire lifetime.

Letter 1

Tina then went on to explain that every time she says “I love you,” she is encouraging them to always believe in themselves and love who they are.

Letter 2

Tina finishes the letter assuring her children that no distance or time will ever change the way she feels about them. They will forever be her rock, even if they break her heart. 

Letter 3

This letter is truly an exemplary form of love between a mother and her children. So, the next time your mother says “I love you,” know that there is so much more behind those three words than what you hear. 

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