From the bending meditation of yoga to the precise relief of acupuncture, we’ve found plenty of ways to relieve our aches and pains beyond the confines of traditional Western medicine.

And even though these types of practices have become quite popular among Westerners, there’s one therapy that many of us are still completely unaware of—and its benefits are astounding.

Originating in India, mudra hand gestures are designed to stimulate all parts of the body and mind. There are eight basic gestures in all, and when you see what they can do, you’ll want to try them right away!

Not every ache and pain you feel needs the attention of a doctor. Activities such as yoga and meditation have been proven to help immensely when it comes to alleviating physical discomfort. But what if you don’t have the time for them? Not to worry! Indian “mudra” hand gestures are simple hand movements that can be done anywhere—and at any time—and the mental stimulation they offer is astounding.

1. Gyan mudra: This gesture is done by touching your thumb to your pointer finger and leaving the other three fingers extended outward. It is believed to increase the air element and to help with enthusiasm, creative thinking, and to combat drowsiness.


2. Vaayu mudra: This gesture is similar to the first, but instead of touching the tips of your thumb and pointer finger together, you actually tuck the pointer underneath the thumb. This is intended to decrease the air element and to help with an overanxious mind.

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3. Aakash mudra: Touching your middle finger to your thumb is a way to increase the space element. This easy-to-perform gesture is supposed to relieve fear, sorrow, anger, and any congestive issues that might be bothering you.

4. Shunya mudra: This gesture is similar to the one above, but you’ll need to tuck your middle finger underneath your thumb instead of simply touching the tips together. This decreases the space element and helps with pain in the ear.

5. Prithvi mudra: This gesture may look the same as the aakash mudra, but instead of your middle finger, you use your ring finger. It increases the earth element and decreases the fire element. It also relieves fatigue and aids in muscle repair.

6. Surya mudra: This gesture is said to increase the fire element while at the same time decreasing the earth element. People suffering from suppressed thyroid activity should perform this gesture frequently.

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7. Varun mudra: This gesture is believed to increase the water element. It will help aid with painful joints due to arthritis, and it also soothes cramping. A simple thumb-and-pinky-finger-touch will do the trick!


8. Jal shaamak mudra: This gesture is believed to decrease the water element, and it’s helpful for those who have excessive sweat glands, runny noses, and watery eyes. Just make sure to involve both your hands at the same time for it to be effective.


These eight simple gestures don’t require too much dexterity, and they can be done while at work, at home, or anywhere else you want! You don’t need a specific time or place to reap the rewards of the Indian mudra hand gestures!

Those are some super simple ways to potentially help your body run right—and you can do them while sitting at your desk. Not bad!

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