Daughter Kills Her Mother, Then Texts Her Father The Gruesome Photos

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When someone commits a murder they typically go to extreme lengths to cover up their brutal crime. The harsh prison sentences that go along with killing someone are enough to deter most people from ever wanting to be caught, not to mention the intense social scrutiny they would face.

Occasionally, however, there are folks who come forward and admit guilt in their crime. This can be for any number of reasons, like to gain notoriety or to clear their conscience, though, in other instances, people do it to come clean to the people they care about.

When Rachel Hutson was just 19 years old, she murdered her own mother in cold blood. As heinous and unimaginable as her crime was, it was what she did after that shocked people the most…

Rachel was just a teenager when she committed an unthinkable act against her own other…


Rachel used a shotgun to murder her in cold blood.


While that in and of itself was a heinous crime, it’s what Rachel did in the aftermath of her own mother’s murder that shook people to their core. You’re not going to believe what strange thing she decided to do next…


It’s hard to understand what drove Rachel to commit this terrible act, but sending the photo afterward seems to make even less sense.

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