Nannies play an important role in the lives of the families that employ them. Yet, unless you know a real-life Mary Poppins, it’s not always easy to trust a non-family member with such an important job.

After all, nannies are responsible for all sorts of everyday things, like picking kids up from school, feeding them, and keeping them out of trouble. Sometimes, a good nanny could literally mean the difference between life and death.

When Irvine, California, residents Jonathan Lai and his wife hired a nanny for their son, they wondered if they’d picked the right one. Then, when they looked at some security footage, they got their answer…

For Irvine, California, resident Jonathan Lai and his wife, there wasn’t anything more important than their three-year-old son. While they were a tight-knit family, like so many other busy people, the couple couldn’t always stay at home with their son as much as they would’ve liked.

That’s why Jonathan and his wife chose to hire a nanny named Jenna Lee Baker. She was perfectly qualified, and the Lai family had a feeling she would be great. Still, they had no idea of just how important she’d really be to them.

One summer’s day in 2017, Jenna was out of the house completing some chores with their son along for the ride. They weren’t expecting the day to be out of the ordinary, but they were in for a big surprise when they got back home.

Upon arriving back at the house, Jenna had a gut feeling that something was seriously off. The boy had already run into the house, but Jenna couldn’t shake her uneasy feeling. Her instincts told her to go after her charge.

At that very moment, Jenna heard some loud footsteps coming from the staircase. Immediately, she gathered the boy in her arms and rushed him outside towards a neighbor’s house where she knew she could get help.

“I turned around and I grabbed him,” said Jenna in an interview. She didn’t even stop to put her shoes back on as she sprinted down the driveway. There was no time to spare, and she needed to get the boy away from danger.

It wasn’t until a some time later that Jenna truly learned how much danger she and the child were in. After Jonathan arrived home, he showed Jenna the security footage from their house on CCTV. What they found was bone-chilling.

 As they suspected, a burglar had broken into the Lais’ home. When he walked into the kitchen, he took a purse and emptied it onto the counter to see if there was anything valuable inside that he could steal.

After thoroughly investigating the kitchen, the burglar searched through the rest of the house to see if there was anything else he should take. He even went into the child’s playroom to check for valuables.

“That’s my wife’s purse he’s got in his hand,” said Jonathan while narrating the CCTV footage. “To have him going into my kids’ rooms and see him just walking in is most scary for me.”

Luckily, the moment that Jenna stepped inside of the house, the burglar knew that it was time for him to leave. Once they stepped inside, he immediately ran down the stairs. After Jenna and the Lais’ son had run outside, the burglar fled through the front door.

The police started their investigation immediately upon learning about the incident. For his part, Jonathan suspected that the burglar wasn’t the only offender involved. The footage seemed to support this theory.

“He was on his cell phone the entire time,” the concerned father said in an interview. “From the time he came into the backyard, all the way into the house, all the way up into our room and back down, he was on his phone.”

Jonathan said that the criminal first attempted to break in by busting through a window fitting, but when that didn’t work, he just broke through a glass door. It was pretty unbelievable that he was able to do all of that in broad daylight!

Quite understandably, Jonathan couldn’t help but feel disturbed by the events of the break-in. “[The burglar] tore down my whole sense of security that I had in my own home… so [I feel] very, very violated,” Jonathan said.

Jonathan also couldn’t stand the thought of the nanny and his own son being inside the house at the time of the burglary. “The fact that they were home and he was inside the home was the scariest thing to me,” he said.

The Lai family knew what was most important, though, which was that nobody was hurt. They’re particularly grateful for Jenna, whom they now referred to as their “super nanny,” for protecting their young child.

“What she did for my son and what she does daily, it’s unbelievable,” said Jonathan, who also described Jenna as a “rock star” and an important addition to their own family. “I am so grateful that she’s in our lives.”

Even so, Jenna said that she was just trying  to do her job of taking care of the child. “I don’t think of myself as a hero,” she explained. “I love him. When his parents are away they put their trust in me to keep him safe.”

It’s really remarkable that Jenna knew exactly what to do during such a close call in a potentially dangerous situation. You’re definitely going to want to see her and Jonathan tell the story in their own words!

Hopefully, Jenna and the Lai family will remain safe from here on out. They had a real brush with danger, but thanks to Jenna, everything seems fine now!

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