As many homeowners know, having a back yard means countless opportunities for your projects and hobbies. Who doesn’t dream of having the perfect garden or a homemade swing set for the kids? Your back yard is more than just for hobbies though, it’s part of your home.

When a man and his father decided they were fed up with the boring ol’ patch of grass they called a yard, they decided it was time to change things for the better. They had a truly great idea that would make their home stand out from the pack, but it was going to take a lot of work. When the two men got started working, everyone thought they were crazy. In the end, the paradise they turned it into, though, is beyond anything anyone could have anticipated!

A man and his father decided to begin a very special DIY project. This was their back yard during the early planning stages, before the amazing transformation took place. The space didn’t look like it had much to offer. The grass was dying or non-existent in spots to begin with, and the yard itself was cramped and small. 


Even from this angle where you get a better sense of the house, it wasn’t much to look at. The fences were disgusting and falling apart and gravel covered patches of the yard making it impossible for new plants to grow. 


But these men knew they could make the yard into something special. The first thing they did was bring in a small bulldozer to start excavating the site. To start building something new first you need to get rid of the old, and very often that means hiring professionals to operate any equipment necessary to do that.


People often think that excavating a site is something that can happen over night. The truth is that in order for an excavation to be done properly, it takes time, effort, and supervision. Who knew what they could find beneath the surface?


Luckily, they knew exactly what they were doing and made sure to check for pipes and dangerous gas pockets with a geologist before they set about digging so deeply into the earth of their backyard. That hard work paid off! 


The big idea they had was finally beginning to take shape after all of the excavating was finished, but it was still a long way from paradise. That said, with the digging done you could really start getting a sense of the shape they were trying to achieve. 


A stone walkway was next on the list. They had compiled a list of features that they knew would transform their back yard for a boring ugly place into some place welcoming and well trafficked where they would love to have friends come and play. 


A felt liner was placed along the ground to form the base of the whole project. Because they were constructing on raw earth the men had to make sure that what they built didn’t just sink back naturally down into the ground. 


Another liner was next on the list. The materials even had to be ordered from Germany and flown in directly to the site! In addition to the liner you can also see that they started to include different topiaries. It’s amazing the difference simple landscaping can make.  


The work that they were doing extended beyond the yard itself. What they were building required a serious filtration system, so they made sure there was space in the garage and set it up to work perfectly. It looks pretty easy to build, too. 


The rock lining was built by hand with the help of a few friends over the course of eight hours. Talk about back-breaking work! That gravel, of course, looks light and easy to move, but you certainly can’t say the same for the stones. 


Water was finally pumped in and the family’s dream of having a natural pool in their own back yard had almost come entirely to fruition! But they weren’t done just yet. There were a few more things that needed to get done before the project wrapped up. 


For example, the water was allowed to spill over the edges to create a flowing, natural pond. Once you get used to looking at it, the pool is quite striking, unique and beautiful in its own right. It’s so different to have the water pouring out! 


Not too shabby, eh? Well, they’re not finished just yet! If you like what you see hear wait until you see the finished product! It is so amazing when people are able to realize their dreams and see them made manifest, especially in the form of a relaxing oasis like this. 


Lights were installed to make it shine, even at night. The idea really fuses the natural aspect of their pool with the manmade to create something truly one of a kind. Doesn’t it look just magical in the moonlight? Who wouldn’t want to swim there?


It took so long to finish that the seasons even changed! You can tell just by looking at the surface of that sheet of ice that some folks were enjoying skating around on the accidental ice pond they made. Here’s hoping they wore helmets!18-natural-swimming-pool-664x442

Watch out, kitty! This curious fellow decided to creep out onto the surface of the natural pool as the ice was melting! Hopefully the little guy played it safe and didn’t fall in and get the icy shock of a lifetime! The only thing cats hate more than water is freezing cold water. 


By the time spring rolled around, it was time to add the finishing touches. To give their pool a truly natural finish meant adding other pieces from nature like the driftwood pictured below and a few other new additions. 


It also meant installing an amazing deck! What good is a beautiful natural pool if you don’t have some place you can sit out on and observe the wonderful new water fixture you have just managed to install, right? The beginning steps were simple enough.


But this wasn’t your average deck. What the family had in mind was something much grander, a place where they could have parties and watch the sunsets with all of their friends and family enjoying the view outside. They finally completed the deck…


Voila! The world’s coolest natural swimming pool was complete! All it needed was the finishing touch of a wraparound deck that was just big enough to fit a full party of people. Doesn’t it all look like it belongs there? This angle really puts it into perspective.


Now that is a backyard! Can you believe that this is the same yard that was photographed at the very beginning of the project? It’s amazing what a plan, some know how, and the ability to work hard to achieve your dreams can accomplish. 


What these men built is nothing short of extraordinary. It’s like their own private oasis!