Buying a new home is a very exciting time in everyone’s life. It marks the sign of new beginnings and moving on to bigger and better things — usually.

As exhilarating as it can be, buying a home does come with a risk. You never truly know what you’re getting from a house until you actually move into the place. Sometimes that can be a good thing and other times it can be downright horrifying.

Artur Niemyski purchased a home in Poland, but he didn’t let the dark past that it held deter him from converting it into a luxurious mansion. The truth behind the house, however, is seriously sinister…

Polish property developer Artur Niemyski recently purchased a home just outside of Kraków, Poland. While the person who had previously owned it was struggling to sell the abode, he was happy to buy it from them.

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The previous owner was having trouble finding a buyer because the home had an extremely dark past.

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Though run down, the house still offered practically every amenity that any home owner could desire. For this reason, Artur saw it as an opportunity to renovate this fixer upper into a brand new luxurious home.

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While you might assume that a wealthy family had once called this place home, you might be surprised to discover the truth. Beginning in 1943, it served as the home for one of the Nazi party’s commandants Amon Göth.

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Born December 11, 1908, in Vienna, Austria, Amon was of age to become a strong supporter of the Nazis when they rose to prominence and so he was. He eventually joined and quickly rose through the ranks. 

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Amon’s rendezvous in Poland on February 11, 1943 came after years of turmoil in the country. Many of the 80,000 Polish Jews from the area had been forced from their homes in 1939 after the Nazis had raided them. The ones who stayed behind were forced to live in nearby ghettos. 

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In 1943, those remaining Jews were either slaughtered in the streets or forced into concentration camps where the outcome would prove to be the same. 

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A great number of the surviving Jewish people were sent to a newer concentration camp called Kraków-Płaszów, of which Amon was in charge of its more than 2,000 inmates. Staggering as this number may be, within a year it had multiplied by more than 12, as 25,000 Jews became imprisoned within its perimeter.

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During his reign at Kraków-Płaszów, Amon proved to be one of the most vicious Nazis of all time. He carried out every strike of terror on that concentration camp from the confines of his home on the outskirts of the city.

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Amon became known for practicing torturous acts on the Jewish people who were imprisoned at Kraków-Płaszów. He was able to get away with this, because his camp was not as well supervised as other more notorious ones.

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Amon became known around Kraków-Płaszów for shooting someone each morning. The prisoners feared him so much that they would hide if they knew he was near. 

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Amon would walk around the camp with his two vicious dogs, Ralf and Rolf, who he’d had trained to attack humans on command. “He would give this order to the dog,” Helen Jonas-Rosenzweig who survived being imprisoned at Kraków-Płaszów said in an interview, “and it would tear people apart.” 

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Some of the Jewish people who Amon “employed” as maids in his home were subjected to watching him commit heinous acts of violence. Jonas-Rosenzweig witnessed him shoot a young boy for exiting a room without permission.

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Jonas also recounted being terrified after seeing Amon watch prisoners work on the concentration camp whilst holding a machine gun and threatening to shoot anyone who didn’t work harder. This was infamously depicted in the 1993 film “Schindler’s List.”

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Amon’s violence was witnessed by several people around the compound. He once shook a cook to death for serving him soup which he deemed too hot. On another occasion, he stabbed maid Helen Horowitz in the leg for setting a table the incorrect way.

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This violence that he put upon the staff of his home was not exclusive to them. In fact, Amon was known for brutally punishing all of the prisoners of the camp if just one person was misbehaving. Often, he would execute someone by shooting them for committing such an offense. “When you saw Göth, you saw death,” author of the book on which “Schindler’s List” was based, Thomas Keneally said.

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Once word of Amon’s crimes got around, he was to face an SS judge in 1944, though the charges against him were eventually dropped once it became clear that Germany was not going to win WWII. He was later executed on September 13, 1946.

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Now, Artur is working to turn Amon’s former abode into a luxury home some 70 years later. He even believes that just because such evil once called the place home that it shouldn’t deter anyone from wanting to purchase the home from him once he completes the renovations.

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Artur’s plans have greatly displeased the people who give the Holocaust remembrance tours in the neighborhood. They believe that he is trying to get rid of the dark past that has lingered over the area all those years. 

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Many of the people from town believe it should be converted into a museum, even though other attempts to do this have failed in the past. No one knows what Artur will choose to do once he finishes the renovations, though, they hope he does the right thing.

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What a sinister past. Choosing to turn that place into a luxury home seems like a questionable choice. Let’s hope Artur makes a good decision once it’s finished.

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