When we’re little kids, bath time can just seem like the worst—and we’ll do anything to get out of it so we can go back to playing. Thankfully, most of us grow up to appreciate the importance of personal hygiene. We learn that keeping our bodies clean can help us make good first impressions and help us form lasting friendships.

However, not everyone ever makes that leap. Embracing personal hygiene just isn’t in the cards for some people… like this man. Amou Haji hasn’t taken a bath in more than 60 years, and he isn’t planning to change his ways anytime soon. His reason for not bathing? He says it’s good for his health and has helped him live a very long life!

Meet Amou Haji, 81. He hasn’t taken a bath in over 60 years. Haji knows that he is covered in a thick patina of dirt, but he really doesn’t mind in the slightest.