When Shannon Whisnant purchased a smoker at a Storage Wars-style auction in 2007, he never expected it to make him famous. Yet, it was what he found inside of it that would do just that. Once the sale was official and he’d returned home, the Maiden, North Carolina, man opened it up and was met by the site of a severed-just-below-the-knee human leg.

Not long after, the leg’s biological owner came calling for what he believed was his. When Shannon refused, invoking the ancient right of finders keepers, the resulting custody battle would take his already bizarre story to the next level.

When Shannon Whisnant found a man’s severed leg in the smoker he purchased at an auction, he immediately knew he had found something big. Still, the strangest part of this story was yet to happen.


Shannon began charging $3 for adults (and $1 for children) to come see the now-infamous foot. He even made T-shirts!


But the real oddities began when the lost leg’s owner—John Wood—came calling for what was his, and Shannon refused. The dramatic custody battle that followed was like something out of a very strange movie.

In fact, it was exactly like something out of a movie! Shannon and John’s fight for the foot eventually became a documentary, titled Finders Keepers, in 2015.

Wow. Now that is one heck of a story. Hopefully the movie received lots of standing ovations! And if you’re wondering, TV’s Judge Mathis awarded the foot to John Woods.

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