Start by gently massaging the area where the muscle is cramping. Sit on the floor and extend both legs in front of you. Flex your feet, resisting the urge to let your toes point while the muscle contracts. 


Get up and walk around a little. This should help loosen up the muscles and fight the contractions. 

leg-cramps-5Serious Running

Check that blankets and sheets are not so tight around your legs that they are forcing your muscles to contract.

leg-cramps-6Life Extension

Try swallowing a tablespoon of yellow mustard if all else fails. The high sodium content in the condiment is thought to combat a lack of potassium that could be contributing to your cramps.

leg-cramps-7Naturally Yours

Pinpointing the reason why you’re getting nocturnal leg cramps is the best way to prevent them in the future. Take a look at your daily activities and see if anything you’re doing can be changed to avoid these painful sleep-stealers.

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