Whenever natural disasters occur, it seems like all the animals on land had known it had been coming. It’s as if they have a sixth sense about impending danger. Once triggered, they’ll act on that sense and get themselves to safety. We may never understand how that intuition exists.

Although land animals can sense this danger, you’d be surprised to learn that ocean dwellers may also have this amazing sense of realizing there’s trouble ahead. The recent earthquake in the Philippines could be proof…

Recently, both before and after a 6.5 magnitude earthquake tore through the island of Mindanao in the Philippines, residents found the bodies of several oarfish washed up ashore. These creatures usually dwell hundreds of feet beneath the surface. So, what were they doing so close to land?

Recently, the island of Mindanao in the Philippines was decimated by a 6.5 magnitude earthquake. Oddly, many bodies of oarfish, which usually inhabit the deepest parts of the ocean, were found just before and immediately after the quake struck. 
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These same elusive fish were also discovered just before the earthquakes and tsunami in Japan, Chile and Haiti. Was their sudden presence an accurate predictor of natural disasters?

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Some researchers think that these particular fish can sense irregular tremors in Earth’s fault lines underwater and that they come to the surface to avoid danger.

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Although not much is known about oarfish due to their infrequent sightings, some scientists believe they surface due to strong currents which could, in fact, be caused by the planet’s tremors.

It might just be a coincidence that these oarfish all appeared around the times that catastrophe struck, but islanders should still be wary of their presence.

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