Signs exist for the sole purpose of providing guidance and to keep you from violating rules that could put your life in danger. At their best, signs are clear, direct, and exceptionally helpful.

Sometimes, though, signs can be confusing, unclear, and a little, well… pointless to say the absolute least. To say the sign makers didn’t think things through would be an understatement.

So, without further ado, here are 20 signs that are so obviously useless that you might have a hard time believing they even exist!

1. While this sign about the library’s business hours is technically accurate, it also evades the question everyone wants to know: when can we read our books? Hopefully this is just a joke and they have their hours posted elsewhere. You’d have one (quiet) riot on your hands otherwise.


2. Yes, it’s true. Fire is hot. It’s one of those facts that everyone needs reminding of every now and then. Just like, yes, you do have to breathe, and yes, the Earth is round, and yes, that gun is loaded. Making mistakes about this stuff could prove fatal.


3. This is one of those signs that raises more questions than answers. The first question is what the heck happened to that urinal? The second question is how many people were just freely peeing into a wall until they put a sign up?


4. Can you imagine the face on the man who ran up to the concession stand at IKEA to buy a hot dog the size of a car for two quarters? IKEA hot dogs are definitely delicious and definitely affordable, but they are also definitely not made for giants.


5. A sign warning you that trees don’t move isn’t being sarcastic. Rather, it’s taking into account all of the wizards who come from dimensions where trees are mobile. It’s nice that they’re giving them a heads up that they shouldn’t get into any games of chicken with the local conifers.


6. Didn’t Shel Silverstein write a book of poems for children with this exact image as the cover? Pity the poor pedestrian who follows the sidewalk all the way to its natural conclusion and is left hapless and afraid with no more path to follow before him.


7. Just in case you were worried this might be one of those “trick oceans” you’re always hearing so much about, these fine folks have made sure to erect a sign guiding you to the body of water that some might argue is pretty hard to miss.


8. This seems like a valid point doesn’t it? The sign only gets grim and weird if you spend too much time thinking about the poor lovable dolts who ran into the water thinking that, once they hit the surface, the knowledge of how to swim would just come to them.


9. If you’ve never stopped to wonder if aliens were making your home goods before, seeing a tag that reads “Made On Earth” will definitely have you suspecting that some aliens in a factory are protesting a little too much.

10. The problem with this sign is not just that it’s obvious, but that it is incorrect. This product does not contain peanuts; this product is peanuts. Frankly, it’s the idea that it might contain something other than peanuts that is a little troubling.


11. This is a warning specifically for that one guy who watched the movie Splash and got cocky about his ability to breathe under water. Turns out that Splash is still a movie and this guy will never live this flub down.

12. If you’re reading this sign and it helps you in any way, it might already be too late for both you and your car. Coincidentally, this town also has the highest rate in the entire country of alligators who can drive SUVs like humans.


13. Frankly, if you are going to go around punching brick walls in a fit of ire, you shouldn’t get upset when you discover that they’re… you know… made of bricks. Brick walls are made of bricks, ergo, hitting them with a closed fist is going to be an unpleasant situation and should be anticipated as such.


14. If a place is called “Burritos and Tacos,” you have a certain expectation when you walk in. That expectation is that you will be able to buy burritos and tacos. If you have to add a sign assuring people that you now have those foods, it should be easy to see where you went wrong.


15. It’s very important that all street signs be legible for people everywhere… even, apparently, people who live on planets where rain does not make things wet. What else could rain even do otherwise? Make things even more dry than they were before?


16. “It’s a funny story, actually. For years we didn’t have this door labeled, but then it turns out that when patients finished appointments, they weren’t really leaving. They would just wind up in the basement clawing at the walls, ha ha!”


17. If you’re desperate for a place to sit down, you could probably make even this broken seat work for you. That said, if you botch it, you might wind up impaling some fairly sensitive parts of your anatomy. So maybe the sign is actually a good idea…


18. How many people have to run a stop sign before the police actually get sarcastic enough to put a second sign on it letting people know that, yes, there is in fact a stop sign and they are 100% running right on through it?


19. In fairness to the people who made this sign, most folks have read the Chronicles of Narnia and can’t help themselves when presented with a closet that looks like it might be capable of transporting them to another realm.


20. It’s all fun and games until someone is not aware that their balcony is not on the ground level and decides to leap off of it in order to get something that they left in their minivan. Then the fun and games stop and the trips to the ER start.


How crazy is it that signs for stuff this obvious even need to be made? Considering the world today, it’s probably a good thing they exist. Ouch!

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