Forget space! According to many scientists, the ocean is the real final frontier. Researchers and deep sea divers are still exploring the water’s dark depths in the hopes of capturing glimpses of creatures and sites never seen before by man.

Victor Huang of Wellington, New Zealand has filmed a lot of amazing sights under the waves, from dolphins to orca whales. Yet there was one creature in particular that proved too much for him to handle: an octopus.

When he spotted the sneaky cephalopod darting toward him, he raised his camera and hit record. That’s when the octopus did something he would never forget.

Victor Huang was pretty used to seeing awesome creatures during his scuba diving adventures. He even captured a fair amount of them on film, but when he started this particular dive, the water was murky and he thought he was out of luck.

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 3.31.37 PM

Then, it happened. While Victor was innocently recording footage of the seaweed as moved elegantly in the water, he realized that there was a creature hiding in plain sight! It was a large octopus, and it didn’t seem happy to see him!

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 3.31.47 PM

The octopus seemed to leap across the distance between them in seconds flat! Then, it wrapped itself around Victor’s wrist. Victor panicked and began to struggle, desperate to get the octopus off of his arm until he realized what the octopus really wanted from him…

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 3.33.11 PM

Watch the entire video below to see what happened to Victor when he finally let the octopus take total control of the situation.

Victor said that once it was all over he couldn’t believe it had happened at all. He wasn’t angry at the octopus,  he was just nervous he’d lose his shiny new camera!

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