When we’re scrolling through photographs, we tend to glance quickly and move on. Yet, sometimes something zany will catch our eye… and we’ll realize there’s more to the photo than we initially believed.

Whether it’s done on purpose to create an optical illusion or purely by the chance, some images have a way of messing with your brain. That’s why it’s always smart to take another look, because you don’t know what you missed the first time around.

Just go ahead and breeze through these 30 images. They might look normal, but upon closer inspection, you’ll see they’re anything but!

1. Is this really a photograph of a woman with three legs? Take a closer look, because this one definitely kneeds further explanation. Hint: focus hard on the object that’s in her hands…

2. Sure, he probably wants his significant other to feel safe and loved on their long flight abroad, but that’s not his arm around her shoulder! Nope, that’s a neck pillow. You’d be forgiven for missing it the first time, though.

3. You tend to think of cyclists for having super strength in their legs, but one look and you’ll appreciate this guy’s powerful hands! Oh wait, he’s totally not dangling for dear life. This is just a photographer employing a tricky perception technique. Can you spot it?

4. Lots of horror movies take place at prom or some other form of a school dance, but this isn’t a still from a slasher flick. It turns out that the girl on the left just selected an interesting color for her eye shadow.

5. While it appears as though this woman is stretching like crazy to get away from this bearded man’s terrible shirt, she isn’t really. If you squint, you can see that there’s a second woman standing in the back wearing a similarly colored shirt.

6. It might look like you’ve stumbled upon a home surrounded by green concrete, but don’t be fooled! If you try walking on this stuff, you’re going to sink straight to the bottom. That’s because it’s actually algae on a small lake.

7. Public speaking is one of the most common fears out there. But did this poor fellow wet his pants just because he had to get up and talk about the company’s new computer software? Well, not really. That’s just an unfortunately placed glare on the podium.

8. Some photographs are captured at just the right time and can make you think that they have to be Photoshopped. No, this picture isn’t edited or anything like that. Really, it’s just perfectly framed.

9. “I could do this every weekend.” Oh boy, get your mind out of the gutter. This isn’t a dirty photo! That’s just the crease of this guy’s shoulder where it meets his back as he’s taking nap. What’d you think it was?

10. Are you really witnessing someone giving themself a piggyback ride? Is there a fourth person in the photo? Nope, it’s just three people and some perfectly weird timing. Feel free to submit your conspiracy theories, though.

11. It’s an age-old question: is the cup half-empty or half-full? On second thought, is the cup totally full of hot coffee and about to spill all over the next person to pick it up? Nope, that’s just an empty—and awfully stained—mug sitting on a kitchen counter.

12. In today’s society, there’s a never-ending supply of people with peculiar facial hair. But this guy is just taking a selfie with his best friend (who happens to be a doggy). He did line this photo up perfectly, though, didn’t he?

13. Who doesn’t love sharing a kiss with their beloved dog? While it might seem like this woman’s pup is pulling her lip like some silly putty, that’s actually not the case. The dog’s tongue is merely blending in with her skin.

14. Don’t worry, that’s totally not a headless cow wandering aimlessly through the open forest. No, it just has its head down—and somehow the end result makes it look like it’s appearing headless.

15. The silhouette of this news anchor’s dress might make it seem like she’s got the world’s skinniest frame, but you should know better than that by now. Take a closer look: it’s totally just a peculiar pattern on her dress blending in with the backdrop.

16. You’ll be happy to know that this isn’t a photograph of a dad hovering his butt above his newborn child. That’s just a bald man giving his baby a peck on the cheek. Woo, that could’ve been very bad…

17. Those aren’t new, stylish chairs at the bar! They’re actually just a row of perfectly poured alcoholic beverages. Try sitting in one of these bad boys and you’re just going to have a derrière covered in foam!

18. Hey, that’s cheating! Someone—maybe Thing from The Addams Family—seems to be lending this Gonzaga basketball player a hand. Don’t be fooled, though; the other player’s compression band is just causing some amazing trick photography.

19. When you look at this photograph, do you think you’re looking at a serene lake? Well, you’re not. That’s just a perfectly placed white fence. You definitely don’t want to swan dive into that thing!

20. Are those the world’s tiniest men standing next to an average-sized beach rock? Come on, you know better than to believe that, right? Sadly, that’s just an incredibly massive boulder!

21. You might believe that this dog was called on stage by a magician to be cut in half, but that’s simply not the case. Look a little closer, and you’ll see it’s a normal dog lying on the ground beside a log!

22. Wow, did these ladies just fuse together like a human Voltron? No, wait, that’s actually just two women practicing yoga and displaying an incredible feat of strength and flexibility. Mind = blown.

23. They said that Aunt Carol lost her head when she moved to the big city and started getting recognized for her roles in major motion pictures. Not to worry, though, they were only speaking figuratively. Wait, what’s her friend doing? Yikes!

24. This could potentially be the most deceiving picture to have ever been taken. Take a close look for a second, because this is totally safe for work. Still don’t see it? It’s actually an upside-down bed, not an under-the-table shot of a lady’s legs.

25. The paparazzi are always hoping to snap a compromising photograph of a celebrity, but rest assured, that’s not what happened here. That guy should really learn not to go around sticking his elbows in everyone’s business like that!

26. Does this woman think she’s at a nude beach? Let’s hope not, because everyone else seems to be wearing their bathing suits. Oh wait, that’s just this guy’s perfectly placed elbow crease. She’ll definitely crack a smile when she looks back at this one.

27. It totally looks like the engineers forgot to finish laying the asphalt in the middle of a body of water. If you think about it, the roads do have to end somewhere, right? Nope, that’s just a really cool underwater bridge.

28. Some artists are so good that they can make a painting look extremely realistic. Don’t be fooled, though—this is a real photograph! Sadly, it depicts the heavily polluted Chaohu Lake in Anhui Province, Taiwan.

29. If you’re ever bored, look through a series of stock photos like the the one from which this photo was taken. It’s hard to tell whether this man is falling down or up the stairs. Can you tell which one it is?

30. Either this guy is a cartoon witch, or that’s an oddly timed photograph. On second look, that’s definitely the wing from one of those seagulls in the background. Otherwise, this man might want to look into rhinoplasty.

How does your brain feel after looking at these confusing photos? It just goes to show that there’s always more than meets the eye.

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