It takes a special person to take an everyday item and turn it into a piece of art. But some people are born with a gift to see something where other people don’t. That’s what makes art so fun!

These beautiful and unique pieces of artwork look great in any home, but it doesn’t stop there. Sometimes, the art people make can turn into a valuable source of income.

The next time you’re looking to scrap your old car for some cash, consider what these crafty people did, and turn it into a work of art instead. These people really thought outside of the box, and the results are astonishing…

1. One person decided to make an actual transformer out of car parts! Not everyone would look at this junk hanging out around their house and see potential, but this person had seen just how awesome this project would be in the end.

The transformer really starts to take shape in just a handful of minutes. The first step was erecting the legs which allowed the piece of art to stand on its own, then it was time to build up the chest and the rest of the body.


Then it becomes a work of art! Looking at the “before” of this Transformer it’s hard to believe that the finished result would be so impressive. People would pay top dollar to have something like this inside their homes.

How, exactly, does something like this go from junk to being a totally awesome Transformer? The artist made a video describing his journey. He explains how to build it below…

2. This person had leftover racer parts and turned them into these awesome shelves. Why settle for ordinary bookshelves when you can have shelves that speak to your passion?

3. But he wasn’t content to stop with just the themed shelves, he wanted to add something special to complete the set. Using the leftover sheet metal, this user was able to create a makeshift race table!

4. Before you salvage your old car for parts, you might want to think twice and grab some spare parts that could be used for other projects. For example, who would’ve thought to turn a driver’s seat into a computer chair? It looks pretty comfortable!

5.  Old industrial spaces are great for hunting up new and unique items to repurpose and turn into stylish works of art. This crazy lamp is fashioned from an old mechanic’s crank if you can believe it.

6. There are all sorts of odds and ends that make their way to the dumpster at your average auto body shop. Take this piston, for example. Now it has been transformed into a nifty business card holder or a paper  weight that would look great on any desk!

7.  What could this possibly be? Is a dinosaur? A rowdy little puppy? A small breed of a mythical dragon? Who is to say! But one thing we know for sure: these gears come together to turn into a monster!

8. Sure, you had a lot of fun driving your various cars over years, so why on Earth would you pitch them in the trash. Behold, you can turn your old damaged car parts into an automobile memorial. All it’s missing are the votive candles.

9. These bike parts fashioned into wind chimes are so clever! You can even hang them from a tree! Who knew that the old bike parts most people are so eager to get rid of are actually perfectly made to make music, sweet, sweet, music.

10. Why buy a coffee table when you can just make one out of old tires?

11. Your DVD player has never looked this awesome! Does it play all of your favorite films? Sure, absolutely. But that’s just what it was designed to do! Why stop there when you can design a totally steampunk experience?

12. This wine rack is made from a BMW M10. Isn’t it kind of appropriate that part of what was once a luxury automobile is now a delicious way to display one’s top of the line wine collection?

13. But your wine rack doesn’t have to come from a fancy car either, something more middle of the line still does the job and makes for a great conversation piece. Check out this wine rack made from a 1986 Silverado!

I can’t believe I never thought to use my old car parts like this before. Now I know what I’m doing the next time I want to get rid of a car!

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