For most people, recycling has pretty much become second nature. We know that garbage goes in the garbage pail, and everything else gets put into its designated recycling bin without even having to look. But as important as it is to recycle, it’s sometimes even better to reuse or upcycle our metals and plastics.

That’s what Scott from Saws on Skates did when he realized the untapped potential in plain old coffee canisters!

Scott started with an empty coffee can, an empty bottle of creamer, and some solar-powered lights.


He cut out the bottoms of the containers and added some holes to the front. He then covered the creamer bottle with bright yellow spray paint. Once that dried, the inside was painted dark brown.


Next, he started decorating the canisters with a simple brush. To make the lights inside pop, he used a bright shade of yellow to paint around the ‘eyes’.


But the project really came together when he applied caulk to hold the cans together as a tower.


Finally, Scott turned on the lights inside his fun little tiki statues!


These are so great!

7-coffee-can-artSaws On Skates

You can really make this project your own with differently sized and shaped coffee cans.

8-coffee-can-artSaws On Skates

They don’t even need to be elaborately painted to look great…

9-coffee-can-artsaws on skates

These tiki statues would look great in my patio… I think I know what I’m doing this weekend!

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